February 13, 2014

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Serving at Our House!

  • I knew I had to get up and get moving this morning and I had hoped to start my shower before the kids made their way into our bedroom but I didn't.  Campbell and Keaton ended up cuddling with us in bed for awhile. When Reagan came in, she asked where Graham was.  No one really knew until we opened our bathroom door and there he sat reading away.  
  • Campbell headed out for school this morning. She had a huge day with this being her Valentine's party at school.  They played games, had a cupcake and passed out their Valentines.  Campbell had Valentine's that said "Pleased as punch if you would be my Valentine" and it was attached to a juice box filled with punch.  Robby was able to go to her party-I missed another one.  Seems like all of her parties fall on our homeschool day here at the house but I am so glad Robby can make it.  
  • The kids were great help this morning helping get ready for our party.  They picked up, packed their lunches, practiced their oral reports and even helped hang their hearts on the fireplace.  All of our friends also had hearts to hang up so we could have 100 hearts to show how kind we had been this past week.  The hearts said "My act of kindness..." and then we filled the heart in with the acts of kindness that the kids had done.  They were pretty pleased with all of their good deeds.
  • When everyone arrived the kids played for a bit and soon it was time to make our Valentine's bags. Jodee had a hundred hearts for each kid to put on their Valentine bag-that is a lot of hearts.  My Graham did have exactly 100 hearts on his even though most of the kids didn't glue all 100 on.
  • Oral reports were the next thing up.  The most favorite report today was Noah's who talked about his violin and then played a song for us.  The kids all sat spell bound as he played-very impressive (his playing and the kids sitting so still)  We went alphabetically today so Anderson was the first Dennie up there.  He talked about anhingas-the birds we saw in the Everglades.  Graham talked about bald eagles. And Reagan was last again (she was last time since we went youngest to oldest) but she talked about the history of Valentine's day.  My Campbell arrived in time to see oral reports this time and I just kicked myself because she could have done one if we had practiced but I had no idea that she would have been there-maybe next month we will be more prepared.  
  • The kids then had lunch followed by some playtime.  Then Jodee had 5 jars each containing different amount of things-jelly beans, fruit loops, gumballs...  Everyone guessed which one had exactly 100 in it-and with all the kids guessing and all the adults guessing still only one child guessed the right jar-Campbell.  She was so proud of herself and enjoyed eating the candy reward.
  • Then came what everyone was waiting for-time to pass out Valentines.  The kids all sat in the living room and a few at a time passed out their cards.  My Keaton was the cutest one-I would tell her the names and she would quickly run to that person (how she knew most everyone I do not know) and then put the card in their bag-precious.  Her Valentines said "Will you be my butter cup?" and had a peanut butter cup on them.  Whitman's were glow in the dark bugs and said "Will you be my love bug?" Graham's cards said "I chews you to be my Valentine" and had a pack of gum.  Anderson had a package a kool aid and his said "you are kool, valentine."  And my Reagan had those precious heart candy canes filled with chocolate and sprinkles.
  • The crew stayed until almost time for us to leave again.  We quickly picked up what we could and loaded up to head out again.  The first stop was Nonna and Pops house to drop off Campbell, Keaton and Whitman.  It was around 3:30 and they had a bit of time to play before Campbell had a party to go to.
  • It was Adalynn's 4th birthday party.  Pops took Campbell and said that she was perfect during the party. Campbell enjoyed the games and the snacks.  And she loved her take home candy.  Meanwhile, Keaton and Whitman had a big time playing with Jason and Nonna. 
  • My crew was on the other side of town working their tails off.  Robby's work serves meals to Our House once a month and Robby signed up to serve this month.  The Kamps helped us out and it was quite an experience.  
  • We picked up the main dishes from Robby's work and added it to the other food we had purchased. Then we found the building and went in.  We walked right in to a semi-commercial kitchen and had no idea had to work anything.  Thankfully someone was able to briefly help us to get the lay of the land and we were off.  We quickly found jobs for the kids to do while Robby prepared the beans.
  • At a few minutes to 6, I walked out of the kitchen and saw the line of people waiting on the screen to be lifted and start going through the line to receive food.  And by line of people, I mean at least 60 there already.  Robby told the man we were ready and up went the screen and we crossed our gloved fingers and started scooping up the food.
  • Anderson would pick up the tray and put a knife and fork on it.  Then Noah would put a cookie and brownie on it (sometimes Lilly would help him).  Graham was next with a roll and then Reagan put a handful of salad on the tray.  Eden would put croutons on the salad and then ask the folks if they wanted tomatoes.  I was next with the green beans (which had bacon and must have been a treat because many people commented about it).  Robby served up the spaghetti or tex-mex meat and rice mixture or both. And Sara probably had the hardest job of making sure the kids had what they needed.  Now, I have never been so proud of my kiddos.  All of the kids worked hard for the entire 80+ trays that we made. They didn't complain, they didn't stop working, they didn't even talk-they just worked.  We were all so very proud of those 6 kiddos.
  • Once we served everyone, the kids walked around offering up more rolls, cookies and brownies.  I didn't think that they would want to do this but they all did.  Then we all sat down and ate.  We didn't have to do any clean up because the folks there did all of that so before long we were on our way home.  
  • We picked up Keaton, Campbell and Whitman and went home for quick showers.  The kids were able to pick out a valentine treat before bed.  My kids were pretty exhausted tonight and we never heard a peep out of everyone.  Tomorrow is another big day around here....

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