February 16, 2014

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  • Church morning here and we were ready in time for the kids to read some (the read a thon is still going on with just 7 more days left and hundreds of pages left to read-this week, I am going to have to hide those kindles) and we had time for a bit of straightening (just a little tiny bit).
  • One the way to church, we even had time for a car wash.  The clearance sign said "Clearance 7."  So I asked Robby what our clearance was and he said "I guess 7."  I was a nervous wreck through the whole thing-I could just imagine the 8 of us sitting in the van with the roof ripped off with water spraying in and everyone driving by us on the way to church.  Thankfully, we are a good few inches under 7 foot so all was well.
  • I was in Keaton's class after big church and she was a doll.  She just wanted to sit in my lap and cuddle.  I did notice that many of the kiddos in her class were pottying.  Hmm, have to work on that-maybe during spring break though I should probably do it sooner.  Robby was in Campbell's class and he said that she spent most of her time coloring. 
  • We had lunch at Nonna and Pops' house.  The kids enjoyed playing but all too soon it was time to head home for quick naps and then back to church.  Today, I told the kids that we would eat our snacks on the way to church so I loaded them up on snacks in the van to get their tummys full through church.  
  • The kids went to choir and Graham was so pleased that his choir is going to get to sing some of the songs with the big kids during their end of the year program.  While they were at choir, Campbell was with us at cookie club as she calls it.  It is really go to the church library and eat a cookie-the best cookies ever up there and at just a dollar for 3 you can't beat the price.
  • During the sermon tonight, Reagan leaned over and asked me "if he gets done early, does he let us out early or does he keep talking?"  I told her that I wasn't really sure.  
  • We rushed home to quickly change into pajamas and eat a bite of supper before bed.  The kids were pretty tired and no one really balked about going to bed.  They are a bit excited about tomorrow because Robby doesn't have to go to work and we have told them they only have to do "some" school (I hope that "some" school amounts to most of it though!)

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