February 28, 2014

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Uh oh - someone left the bathroom door open and I found it!

  • At the crack of dawn this morning, the kids were working on their covers trying to remake their beds.  Yesterday, we made their beds and they just love it (I never insist on them making them and hardly help since they have bunk beds and quite a chore)  But yesterday, I helped and they were so pleased.  Robby said that he would sleep in a sleeping bag when he was little so he wouldn't have to make his bed.  Meanwhile, I have a new comforter and have become some crazy about not getting kid yuck on it that I daily spread out my old nasty comforter over my new one to protect it-wonder why I even bought a new one anyway.
  • Breakfast today is mom's choice and last night I did see a chocolate chip scone recipe on pinterest.  I thought I would just whip that up real quick-ha!  We were already running a bit late with our morning and I had the kids do some school work while I was gathering supplies.  Then we all made the scones and the kids worked more while they baked.  When they had finally baked (seemed like an eternity!) we all sat in the living room and ate peacefully (for about 10 minutes and then Reagan and Anderson had a knock down drag out about nothing!)
  • A few months ago, I had become concerned about Reagan and Graham always fussing when they were together.  It is amazing how things change though-now Reagan and Graham seem to be the best of buddies.  They are always together and I can often find him sitting right near her (today he was right next to her as she was working on her loom bracelet)  I have decided that Graham so wants to make her happy that he will do whatever she wants so that helps them get along wonderfully.  Don't worry about anyone else though Anderson has taken up with Keaton in Reagan's absence and Keaton and Campbell are also best of buddies.  This will all change in week or two and everyone will have a new best buddy but it is always interesting to watch.
  • School was manageable today but I was the one who got tired and let the kids skip their oral reports-the kids were working fine but I didn't want to have to do any work.  Those oral reports are tough this month-the path of blood, Billy Graham and penguins.  Maybe we can bang them out tomorrow...or maybe not! 
  • After school, I had promised Reagan that I would help her with a big bracelet and we were both pretty excited about it.  So she and I along with everyone but Whitman who was napping huddled again in the school room and we started on her bracelet.  It was from the advanced section but we pressed on and thought we had completed it...until after lunch when it started breaking piece by piece.  I told her we would try again (I hoped she would pick another bracelet but she didn't) and guess what-it didn't work that time either.  My nerves were shot by the third go around and it was movie time so we stopped in the middle but a bit ago, I walked by and noticed that one of the bands broke so try 3 is also a failure.  Maybe tomorrow we can try to make another bracelet-cross your fingers for us!
  • Grannymom and Grandpa came over to get Graham for the night.  As soon as they drove into the driveway, Graham put on his coat and backpack and wore them the entire time that Grannnymom and Grandpa were here.  He was so ready to go and could hardly wait to leave this house.  We heard he went to Rock Creek and Cash was spending the night there too so he is having a big time!  
  • This afternoon went by too quickly leaving me a list of weekend things to accomplish (or just add to next weeks list!) Supper tonight was not just Mexican but a Mexican restaurant-complete with candles, table cloth, cloth napkins (we are fancy though around here-every night we use cloth napkins!-fancy or cheap-however you look at it) and menus.  
  • Anderson took our drink and appetizer order.  After he delivered it, Reagan took the order for the entrees and sides.  And my Campbell could not wait to be the waitress to pass out the desserts (pudding or ice cream)  The kids had so much fun doing this-we really should do it more often.  We sat there talking about how nice the restaurant was, the weather, the messy little baby at the next table and about how we hoped to come back to that restaurant.  
  • Afterwards, Robby and I cleaned up the kitchen while the kids played upstairs.  We worked a bit on straightening the toy room-they seem to dump everything these days and then we watched our Let's Make a Deal before bed.  

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