February 10, 2014

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Is she reading to me?

  • Yesterday when Robby and Campbell drove home from their shopping extravaganza, Campbell saw the many cars in the parking lot at the big church on the way home.  She exclaimed "oh my!  They are still at church."
  • And I was disgustingly watching the news last night (disgusted about the lack of snow-how could they say 7 inches and now nothing),  our lights briefly blinked.  They were off long enough for me to get excited and Robby to not be excited about the prospect of no lights.  They were back on in less than 2 seconds which was probably the best thing-I guess.
  • Everyone slept well last night but they were noisy too early this morning.  This is the first week of our read-a-thon and when Graham walked into our room, he picked up his book and said "I need to turn on the light so I can read this."  Usually, I would object to light turning on but for reading I had to oblige.  
  • Now for this read-a-thon:  We aren't really big readers around here except when I have them read for 15 minutes during school each day.  They are raising money to buy Bibles for Rwanda through our Bible study and Grannymom, Nonna, Beebee, Jason and I are all going to donate a penny per page of what they read.  Well, after today I am glad that I put a limit on how many pages we would pay for (800 a kid)  They have all read over 100 pages today-of course Graham does have a leg up because he does have lots fewer words on his pages.  
  • We had our breakfast this morning and then started our day.  For some reason, I was the one running behind today.  The kids all finished most of their work by 11 but I wasn't able to get around to working just with Graham until after lunch.  We did spend quite a bit of time working on our Olympic medal charts.
  • At lunch we read some more of Brighty-yep, still reading that book but we did read a few other things.  Then the kids helped me around the house some.  Before I knew it, Anderson was trying to get Keaton to go upstairs with him so he could tuck her in for her nap.  At first I thought that was really sweet and then I realized that he just wanted to get her in bed so they big kids could start watching their movies.  
  • Anderson joined me upstairs for a few minutes and we watched some of the Olympics as I finished up on the treadmill.  Then soon everyone helped with supper-pouring water for the noodles and cutting velveeta.  Actually, it was going to be tomorrow's supper but just like last time I made it, I realized just as we started to fix it that I was missing 2 ingredients.  So it probably won't be tomorrow's supper either. 
  • When Robby made it home, we heated up supper and ate together.  Then the little 3 had showers then we watched our Let's Make a Deal and some of the Olympics.  It is so odd to us that the boys are so into them but the girls could care less-even about the figure skating last night.  When Anderson was watching someone who was not an American, he said "I guess we are hoping that they fall."  Robby was the diplomatic one who said "we want for them to do their best" and I silently thought "yes, we want for them to fall."
  • I think that most of the kids are on the mend-Whitman and Keaton's noses are still running but they are much better.  But tonight, Robby's ear was killing him-he has had a shower, ear drops, tylenol and even holding the kids heated rice sock on his ear.  Hopefully, he can sleep tonight and feels better in the morning.
  • As the kids were going to bed tonight, we saw 2 deer outside.  We were able to turn off the lights and gather everyone at the door without the deer seeing us.  The deer were about 15 to 20 feet from the back door and a third even joined them.  We all stood there for about 5 minutes quietly watching them-pretty amazing.  

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