February 19, 2014

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Tara's video debut

  • Graham came into our room this morning and grabbed his book once again and started reading.  Anderson did as well but he wasn't too pleased about the kindles being put away during this read-a-thon.  Actually the other morning, Graham was the one who went go get the kindles out of the closet.  And upon finding the closet door locked, he moved a chair to try to reach the key above the door on the door frame.  When he realized he wasn't near tall enough to accomplish this, he sneakily put that chair back in place so no one would know what he had tried.  
  • Robby was the breakfast man again this morning-I think it is because he really doesn't want me to use the toaster anymore.  Of course that toaster that fails to pop the cooked bread or waffles up for me worked perfectly for him.  He never had to turn off the smoke detector, open the windows or the doors nor grab the fire extinguisher.  I might put him in charge of breakfasts every toast and waffle day.
  • Bible study was this morning.  Reagan was super proud of her awesome brownie snack that we made for her class.  We arrived early because I had to work in a baby class so I dropped everyone off in a different order and my Keaton didn't want to go in.  She put her head down and acted all sad.  When I picked her up, I asked why she cried and she told me that she didn't cry but was sad-pitiful.
  • When Bible study was over, it was time to go and see Beebee.  We found her when she was on her way to lunch.  We had our lunch too and headed to the dining room to eat with her.  The lady said that we could go to the activity room to eat and we all headed there to eat our lunch.
  • The kids love the activity room-legos, train, checkers and even 2 balls.  I do not love the activity room-legos, train, checkers and even 2 balls!  Everyone was fine but all of those things are noisy and I could hardly hear Beebee.  After a bit of play time, I was able to get everyone to understand that we had balls and legos at home and came to see Beebee.  We showed Beebee our Baptist video and she enjoyed it and said that she is looking for the commercials.  And then the kids did their oral reports for her...which we still need to film them doing.
  • When we made it home, I unloaded the car and put Keaton and Whitman to bed.  Everyone else was playing perfectly upstairs so I let them play for a bit while I did a few things.  Then they watched a few movies before supper.  I had finished my chores and Campbell didn't want to watch Reagan's movie pick so we sat down for a few minutes and were almost asleep when Reagan came to tell me that Keaton was awake upstairs.  
  • We had supper and then hurried on to church-we had to make our obligatory library stop when I run in to check in books and check out those books that I have had them hold for me.  Then on to church and all too soon it was time to rush home for bedtime.
  • Campbell didn't want to hold my hand crossing the street going to the car at church tonight and her evening just went downhill from there.  She did pull things together a bit but then she saw where someone had written on the wall.  That didn't go over too well at all-we aren't really sure who the culprit is though I told the kids we knew who had done it.  It wasn't too scribbly so couldn't be Keaton, Campbell usually uses a pen to write with and Whitman is out of the question.  That leave the big 3 as suspects-if you looked at the markings enough they almost looked like an arrow pointing up (it was at the bottom of the steps) and it also looked like someone had tried to erase it.  Reagan, Anderson and Graham are all smart enough to think of drawing an arrow and all smart enough to realize they had messed up and try to erase it.  Truly all of them have probably written on the wall somewhere or another in this house and they all probably fell asleep wondering if we had found their markings and they were going to get into trouble.  Just a bit of magic erasering and all things were back to normal-at least on that one spot of our wall!

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