February 17, 2014

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Enjoying a great day of weather on President's Day!

  • Since it was President's Day, Robby didn't have to go to work.  We had told the kids that they were not going to have to do all of their school but that was a mistake.  Apparently, by telling them this they thought we meant that they would not have to do any of their school.  Drama ensued!  My Reagan did put her head down and finished everything but 2 boxes and my Graham did the same with lots of help from me.  But everyone is different and that was so evident today because Anderson struggled to finished just a few of his boxes.  
  • Around 11, we had an early lunch and then all headed out to do some shopping.  Robby had to run into Target for something and we all decided to go in.  We had a few groceries to pick up and thought we might could get them at Target-um, nope are we paying over 4 dollars for milk.  
  • The kids and their mother have not entered a Target store in forever.  We walked up and down every aisle.  I found some tennis shoes to replace my good pair (my good pair has a hole on each sole).  Then we found the Valentine aisle all on clearance.  It was like Christmas with Robby and I piling so much stuff in the shopping cart that Keaton had a hard time staying in.  Well, it wasn't really that much but we did load up on candy for the pool this summer.
  • Once we cam back home, the kids were thrilled because it was then time to go outside.  We did have one pair of pants that suffered a causality (a tear) due to the trailer-maybe Grannymom can salvage them for a few more wearings though.  And Graham managed to go outside in his khaki shorts which are now a much darker brown due to the dirt-maybe Nonna can salvage them.  I had forgotten that I need an outside pair of clothes for everyone.  
  • The kids swang, played with their remote control cars, rode their bikes, played basketball, rode their scooters, played soccer, picked up sticks, rode in the trailer and helped drive the tractor.  They were busy, busy while Robby and I picked up sticks.  We need to have at least 3 yard days to properly get the yard nice again (dates to come so you can mark your calendars)  It was a bit windy for us to burn leaves today-or that was our excuse. 
  • When we were about finished, I did play a game of soccer with the kids-Graham and I were on a team against Reagan, Anderson, neighbor boy and neighbor girl.  Campbell started on our team but after kicking the ball once, she was done.  That was fine because she headed inside with Robby to start hers and Keaton's showers.  I had prepared Graham that we weren't going to win but we ran our little hearts out and Graham and I smoked them!  Only by 2 points but everyone was pleased with popsicles at the end of the game.  
  • Then it was shower time for everyone.  Robby made supper while the big kids read and then they finally were able to watch their movies and play on their kindles.  We gave them a big snack and hardly heard from anyone during the entire movies.  I was able to blog (early)!
  • Soon it will be bedtime and I think the kids will be pretty tired.  A few nights ago, after the kids were asleep Robby and I spotted a possum in the yard.  Since we didn't have anything better, he took a few shots with Anderson's bb gun to scare the thing.  Love this country living!

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