February 6, 2014

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How our mornings typically start around here...

  • Everyone slept well last night thankfully and early this morning, I climbed out of bed to take a picture of 5 little kiddos sitting on my bed.  If Robby does post that picture, you can see him setting up as I snapped the picture-if 5 kids are in your bed, you don't stay long.  The kids were playing their kindles-the poor things use all their kindle time so early in the morning that they were already put back up by 8!
  • I quickly dressed Keaton and Campbell for school.  Keaton and Robby stuck around to watch Campbell's class sing their songs.  And Campbell was tickled to be a the snack helper today-it is the little things in life.
  • The rest of us worked on school this morning and even finished in time for the kids to put on a show for Robby.  A show consists of Reagan singing into the fan, Anderson running in circles and Graham rolling around on the floor.  The boys are "dancing"-don't think they really know what the word dancing really means.  Whatever was happening, Keaton enjoyed watching and Whitman even jumped up and down as he watched the entertainment.
  • We had lunch and then I had the kids help me in the kitchen.  They scrubbed the kitchen cabinets, chairs and stools.  Seriously, they worked for almost an hour.  Anderson even asked to clean the windows which I certainly let him.  Love my little helpers.
  • Soon it was nap time and I worked on pulling school out for the next month.  I was able to do Reagan's work-it takes me about a day per kid.  Goodness, hope I can streamline things by the time everyone is doing school.  Glad I have another year before Campbell is in kindergarten.
  • Campbell had spent the afternoon at Nonna's house and had a blast.  She was even disappointed to see me when we picked her up this afternoon.  We were headed to the grocery store.  And between our stops, we bought a pizza.  The plan had been for the kids to get out during the second stop but it was just so cold.  So we passed out slices of pizza, drinks and then rice krispy treats that Nonna and Campbell had made while I ran into the store.  Back home everyone had showers and then it was time for a Let's Make a Deal.  
  • Keaton wasn't that coughy today except in the car this evening and Whitman is just a snotty mess.  But he is eating well and is still his happy little self.  Gracious me!  What are we going to do with that child?  I even wondered if his teeth were bothering him because he sure did try to take a chunk out of Robby's leg tonight.

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