February 7, 2014

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Sickness returns...boo!

  • Everyone woke up in a good mood and Robby and I debated if we should take Whitman or Keaton to the doctor.  We finally decided yes so making our appointment was the first order of business.  This was our second time to go to the doctor's office this week so I have thought about applying for a job up there (kidding!)
  • The breakfast schedule said that it was "mom's choice" for breakfast so I had to come up with something more fun than usual.  Though Keaton was adamant that she was eating a pop tart and had already unwrapped it and taking a bite while I was still getting out my muffin pans for a batch of chocolate muffins and a bath of blueberry muffins.
  • The kids were pretty happy with my breakfast choice and as soon as breakfast was picked up, we started on our "project day"-just a fancy way to say "the day that we are going to work on over 100 valentines."
  • Yep, over 100 Valentines and we don't even go to real school. This though, is the time of the year that Reagan said that she wishes that she went to real school.  So we have tried to do Valentines up a bit-all 6 of the Dennie kids have fancy Valentines to pass out during our homeschool Valentine/100 Days of school party plus Campbell has her Valentines for her class party.  I am lucky that Robby is able to design just what we need so we have Valentines with bugs, with candy, with juice boxes, with gum, with kool aid and peppermint hearts (that we have yet to make) 
  • As I cleaned up the Valentine production mess and put Whitman to bed-who had spent all morning in his highchair watching all of the action at the kitchen table-the others started on other projects.  Anderson worked on his dinosaur mosaic.  He got it last Christmas-not this one but the one before.  I think those stickers were so small that Anderson would quickly give up each time that we would work on it.  Campbell finished one of her mosaics and we all worked to help Graham finish one of his.  And Reagan and I worked on coloring a wooden butterfly of hers.  Then we did a few trial batches of her peppermint hearts (can't get it quite right yet-they have to work so say a little prayer for me to figure it out)
  • Reagan had already packed for Grannymom's house and Graham had already packed for Nonna's house (I need a few more grandparents to come and get the others) when Nonna and Pops stopped by to pick up Graham.  That child was so excited to go and didn't even mind wearing his heavy winter coat.  
  • The rest of us had lunch and then we headed out.  Reagan was excited about staying over at Grannymom's house but she was a bit concerned if she knew the recipe for snow ice cream.  Apparently my kids do not remember having snow ice cream and are very anxious to have some.  I explained to Reagan that Grannymom could call me if she needed a snow ice cream recipe (guess I do need to call Nonna to get the recipe for myself)
  • At lunch, Campbell was praying and her prayer included "please let Graham have a wonderful time at Nonna's house but don't let him to go to Chuck E Cheese."  Um, okay.
  • At our appointment this afternoon, Keaton was a perfect child.  We had talked about her showing Whitman what to do when Dr. Martin was looking in his ears and mouth.  Keaton talked the entire time while waiting and she even talked to Martin.  She had taken over Campbell's role as a chatter box and care taker of Whitman.
  • We felt like Keaton was getting over her cold but were concerned about her ears.  One ear had fluid and the other was red-not infected yet but the doc thought they soon would be so she was given some medicine.  And my poor Whitman-two infected pussy ears.  Sounds lovely doesn't it-just a reminder that we have the happiest baby ever since he has still been in a very good mood lately.
  • I picked up the leftover kids (Anderson and Campbell) and they headed home with me and the sicklys.  The kids watched some tv and Keaton and Campbell played house upstairs.  Then we had our Friday Mexican for supper and Robby then suggested to make cookies as we watched the snow fall.
  • The kids were so intrigued by the snow-well, we are too actually (as long as the power is on)  We all huddled up in our bedroom to watch the olympics and let's make a deal.  As we enjoyed our cookies, Robby mentioned having some "snow dew" which the kids do remember from last year and they were tickled about this late night treat.  Pretty good day!  

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