October 1, 2016

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  • We started this first October fall day off the way that fall Saturday's should be spent-football, friends, family and food. The boys did start their day off a little earlier than I did-Anderson and Graham went to the Wilson's house this morning before the sun came up (I guess, I am not really sure when the sun comes up.)
  • The Wilsons and the boys headed to start the tailgate while the rest of us snoozed for quite a bit longer. They played ball while Tony fed them and all of the other tailgaters a big old breakfast. We joined them as they were about to head to the ballgame.
  • They needed some folks to sit with their chairs, tents, grills, tvs, satellite and most importantly food and who are better sitters than us? While they left, we were entertained the entire time with all of the happenings around the stadium-you would not believe all of the people that didn't go to the game.
  • The kids threw the football, played on the green, snacked, watched the game on the tv, rested and even walked down to buy icees during the game. When the game goers headed back, Robby had the grill hot and the cheese dip melted. Before too long, they were passing out burgers and hot dogs. We ate and then everyone played some more until it was time to clear the golf course. 
  • By this time, Whitman had had enough and we did have to let him start watching movies on Robby's phone. When it was time to load Tony's truck, it was like watching grown men play a giant tetris game and was quite entertaining. They did get it loaded and we headed back to our car. 
  • After we crossed Markham, Robby sat us down and went to pick the car up. He came back to pick us up and home we went. We would have been a bit close on picking up Reagan so we had Nonna pick her up. After unloading at home, I hopped back in the car to pick up my girl.
  • Reagan had spent the night at Camp Paron with the preteens from church and had a great time. She talked the entire ride home about all of the things that they did. I am thrilled she had such a wonderful time. 
  • As soon as we made it home, the others were loading up the white van waiting for us. Robby knew when he turned the key that it wasn't going to start and indeed it didn't. We aren't sure what was left on but it did take a few jumps to finally get it started.
  • We drove the Wilson's house to help them unload all of their tailgate mess. We helped (some, hopefully) and ended up snacking and visiting until time to come home and throw the kids in the shower. 
  • Unfortunately, when we hopped back in the car to come home, Robby realized that he probably should have left the car running for a bit longer because the short ride to their house didn't really recharge the battery. Tony jumped Robby and then it was home for showers and bed. I am a pretty excited about church tomorrow since I haven't been in 5 weeks (4 weeks on trip and 1 week on death bed.) 

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