July 31, 2017

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  • Graham was the only Dennie awake this morning. I had to wake everyone else up for them to get started on their school work. I hate doing that but I knew that we didn't have a very long time at home today.
  • Everyone was fine with beginning their school work and I thought everyone had breakfast until around 11 when Keaton asked if she could have breakfast. Now, don't feel too sorry for her because most mornings she not only gets her own breakfast but also makes sure that Whitman has his. 
  • Today was the first day that everyone has their full load of school (except for their CBS Bible study which will come in a few weeks.)  Everyone did great even though Anderson and Campbell weren't finished until this afternoon. I was a bit relieved because I was still able to work with everyone individually before our big work together time.
  • After that, we all threw on our bathing suits and worked on picking up the house and loading up the car. We met all of the buddies at the pool at 1 and we even picked up Lilly. The kids had a blast and played really well the first house.
  • Today is the first day that I have thought that Anderson is improving. Now, he did just swim the first hour that we were there-he said that the water was cold, and it was. He has assured me that he does feel much better so maybe I won't haul him off to the doctor tomorrow as planned. Now, Keaton continues to cough, like Anderson, and I thought that she was better until Robby felt her tonight at bedtime and thought that maybe she had fever again. Reagan has also come down with the bug-she was burning up at supper. She must have felt really bad because she even took some Tylenol without too much complaints.
  • After the pool, we ran home and the kids showered and then finished their chores and school. I sewed for a minute and even vacuumed the living room. Graham, Keaton, Whitman and Campbell had a big nerf gun war upstairs while we heated up leftovers for supper. 
  • Afterwards, Robby and I worked on the kitchen floor (it was filthy) and then everyone had some downtime before we settled down to watch a Bates before bedtime.

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