September 1, 2017

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  • This morning Whitman and Graham were awake before the others-maybe we are starting to get back to normal around here. I was wandering around trying to get myself ready when Whitman came into our room.
  • We all were up a bit later than usual this morning but still up in plenty of time to start on school. We have a bit less to do on Fridays so some folks were done with school earlier but some (Anderson) were not. Whitman was home today and I even worked with him for a bit.
  • We worked together for a bit and then Nonna and Pops came over to take Reagan birthday shopping. Reagan has only mentioned one main thing for her birthday (which has already been bought) so Nonna was at a loss as what to buy. They shopped pretty much ALL day long and only found 2 things! I guess it is good that she doesn't need or want anything! 
  • The rest of us had another lazy afternoon. The boys looked for the neighbors some outside but they never came out. I did a few projects around here-including painting my sofa table (picture to come tomorrow and of course, I forgot to take a before picture!)
  • After Nonna and Pops brought Reagan back, Robby made hot dogs and we ate supper. Then we loaded up to go out and spend a groupon that Robby had bought a few months ago. We went to Jump Zone and the kids jumped for a long time. They actually jumped until they were exhausted!
  • On the way home, I ran to Walmart to grab some more paint for more project and then we headed home. I have 4 kids sleeping in the fort that they made earlier in the week in the bonus room. Campbell and Anderson didn't want to sleep in the fort. I think that Campbell is scared to sleep in the bonus room but she is also scared to sleep in her room by herself so she is in Graham's bed in the boys' room.
  • It seems fairly quite around the house right now but I am pretty sure that not quite everyone is asleep yet!

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