All 50 Road Trip-June 7, 2018, Day 27

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Branson, MO

Today at Silver Dollar City season pass holders were able to enter the park an hour earlier than every else. We forgot to take a picture of our time, and actually forget to take the camera at all, but we did leave the hotel at 8 which is probably the earliest we have ever left a hotel on this trip!

We were able to ride a bunch of rides last night, but the kids were still excited to go again this morning. Everyone went to breakfast except for Whitman and me. Whitman was sound asleep so I didn’t hurry at all. This was our smallest hotel so we were pretty packed in the room. It took some extra time to find things since we were so squeezed in there.

Robby brought me a muffin while the boys brought Whitman some cereal and he had a poptart in the car. The kids were so excited about Silver Dollar City this morning that they talked the entire way there. It was almost like they had never been there before.

Not too many folks were in the parking lot this morning at Silver Dollar City. We tried to go to Wildfire first which is the one ride they didn’t get to do last night. It wasn’t working this morning, and we never made it back over there to see if it was working today.

We did see that Keaton was too short for Wildfire. I think our kids should be a bit more afraid of these rides, but no Keaton was mad it me yesterday because I wouldn’t be her adult so she could ride Powder Keg. We told her that we would try to come back with another adult who would ride with her. Anyone want to do a roller coaster with my 6 year old? 

Whitman isn’t scared of anything either. He rode the big swings today for the first time and that didn’t bother him at all. Now, we do try to get him to raise his hands on rides, but he won’t do it at all. This morning, we split up for a bit so Reagan, Graham and Campbell could ride a few bigger rides. Anderson had done his share of rides but then decided that he would rather ride a few with Whitman. 

As part of our last few rides, I did ride the raft ride where you shoot people and get shot with water. We left soaked, so soaked that the boys and Campbell wanted to do it again. I was willing to do it again, but once Whitman has done a ride, he really doesn’t care about doing it again. 

After that raft ride, we all climbed in line for the river rapids ride. Keaton left soaking wet. I was sitting beside her so I was fairly wet, but she was twice as wet as the boys were after 2 raft rides. We then bought some cinnamon bread for a little snack before heading to Grandfather’s Mansion. 

Then it was the walk to the car. Surprisingly, there were other folks leaving at 1 as well. Back in the room, we had a picnic lunch. Then Robby ran to pick up tickets for tonight while I watched the kids at the pool. 

They swam for well over an hour. Everyone was in a good mood. Afterwards, we started on showers and even had a bit of downtime before leaving for the evening. 

We could have easily made it home today, but we decided that one day of relaxing would be pretty valuable to us before going home. We will get home tomorrow and tomorrow night, the kids will go 3 different places, at least 3 activities are scheduled for Saturday as well plus VBS next week. I think that I am ready to do a load of laundry and do it all again. This was one of those slow and lazy days that we really want to have in the middle of our trips, but we can never figure out how to take it easy somehow when we are on the road.

Speaking of laundry, Robby had decided a few days ago that we wouldn’t do any more laundry. Since he said that, we have washed at least 3 loads. One year, I kept up with the loads of laundry that we did on a trip, this year I didn’t but I can guarantee that we have washed at least 10 loads. 

At 5:30, we left to eat our supper. We ate at Billy Bob’s Dairyland after we found it. Apparently, they have moved and forgot to update Google Maps. It was worth the wait from last night and was delicious. We left nothing on our plates and even finished up the meal with a fried chocolate and fried apple pie.

Then it was on to watch the Presley’s Country Jubilee. Robby went to the show when he was kid with his grandparents so he has always wanted to take the kids. Campbell and Keaton were pretty impressed with the chairs in the women’s restroom. Reagan was happy to see more kids in the audience. Whitman, though, was probably the Dennie that enjoyed the show the most. He loves music! During intermission Keaton, Campbell and Graham made sure that the got everyone’s autographs. 

After intermission, the show went fairly quick. They did have a patriotic song at the end, and Whitman just sang away. We then visited Andy’s for some frozen custard. It has been a few Branson trips since we have stopped there. I remember when none of the kids finished their ice cream, now everyone but Keaton and Reagan finish theirs. 

Robby and I are a bit bummed about having to come back to the real world tomorrow. I think that the kids are very excited about coming home. When we were talking about going home, Keaton said, “I just want to know what color our couch is.” I guess tomorrow she will find out!

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