All 50 Road Trip-June 8, 2018, Day 28

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Branson, MO to Little Rock. AR

We snoozed until 9 this morning, but after letting the kids stay up until midnight last night, I think that they needed it. We did too. Actually, Keaton and Whitman didn’t make it to midnight. I looked over and she was sound asleep so I had to wake her up to go potty and brush her teeth before bed. I settled her in and there was Whitman asleep so I had to do the same thing with him.

Everyone but Whitman and I went to breakfast this morning. Three more waffles were made. I guess I will have to get my waffle maker out and set up a breakfast making station at home. That would be fairly easy to do. 

After everyone ate, we loaded up the car and headed out of town. The kids played on their ipads while Robby was a on a call.  Before starting a movie, we played our last few games of Bingo. My prize bag was pitifully low-a few Acxiom fidget spinners and a roll of lifesavers. So I threw in a package of gummies and a tiny packet of lemonade. Campbell won the first game and chose the lemonade packet which shows me that I stressed to much about my bingo prizes.

The next game was 4 Corners bingo. Reagan and Graham both won. She picked sitting where ever she wanted for an hour and moved up to the front during the movie. He picked picking the next fast food stop. Robby reminded him that it probably wouldn’t be today or this weekend, but he was fine with that. 

The final bingo game of the 2018 road trip was cover all and the prize was doubling the Moose Money. Robby had promised everyone some cash if we saw a moose and indeed we did! Doubling the moose money was a big deal! I even played so I might could possibly double my moose money. Anderson was the big winner for that prize.

Afterwards, we watched a movie and ate the rest of the chex mix as we headed towards home. We stopped in Clinton at a little park to eat our lunch. The kids enjoyed running around for a few minutes. It was hot, almost too hot to eat but nicer in the shade. After eating we climbed back in the car for the rest of the trip.   

Right after Conway, we got into some rain. Things were fine until Campbell and Keaton started squealing. Water was dripping on them. We thought they might be being a bit dramatic holding a towel up to the back doors. We couldn’t really hear them since the rain was loud with a bit of hail. I was helping Robby drive since there were at least 20 cars on the side of the road. After Graham switched spots with Keaton to help, and Anderson urged us to pull over at the next exit, I turned around to see the towel they were holding up was soaking wet!  Dripping!

Sometimes we don’t get the back doors closed all of the way. They are shut, but not snuggly. I guess that little bit during the heavy rain was enough to cause of the water to leak. The kids were pretty panicky in the back, but they always surprise me by how well they work together when they need to.

We made it home and unloaded the car while it was trying to rain outside. The mudroom was completely filled with stuff. Robby went to work vacuuming out the car while the kids and I put up the inside stuff. We arrived home at 3:14, but it took me until about 6:30 to finish putting away most things. Now, there is still plenty of laundry to be folded but everything except for a few coats are clean.

Reagan has a 2 night sleepover at the neighbor’s house for her birthday. So she left around 5. We have been with all of the kids constantly for the last 28 days so having her leave was a bit different. Robby took the big boys to basketball and soon I was dropping off the little 3 at VBS down the road tonight.

That left me all by myself for a few hours. That was strange. Robby has run errands occasionally and has been by himself some, but I haven’t at all. Very odd. I quickly got used to it though. 

Soon everyone but Reagan was back home. The Wilson’s stopped by for a few minutes, and then everyone headed to bed! Everyone!

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