June 12, 2018

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  • Oh, our morning started out pretty rocky. The getting to church part was fine, but once there is when the drama begin. Yesterday, Keaton and Reagan bought shirts for VBS. Graham and Campbell wanted to, but they didn't have any adult sizes left. They were going to have more today.
  • We headed there first thing this morning, and they had one adult small left. Graham and Campbell needed an adult small. The only other adult size they had was an extra large. Um, okay. I explained that they could share it. Graham was find with it, but Campbell was heartbroken. She wanted her own shirt. It was pitiful. Her SS teacher even saw her, and when I told her what was wrong, she told Campbell that she would give her her shirt after VBS. 
  • I mean, I understand that Campbell was disappointed, but there was nothing I could do about it. It was just a pretty bummy way to start the day. She seemed happier when I picked her up since we were headed to look for bathing suits.
  • When I did pick everyone up (except for Reagan who is spending the night with Kennedy), we grabbed a pizza at Little Ceasars. Note to self-one pizza won't feed everyone anymore. Our next stop was Walmart for bathing suits for the boys. Graham couldn't find one he wanted, mainly because he thinks having just one is fine. I kind of agree so I didn't push it. Now, Anderson was in heaven because he found a Star Wars bathing suit.
  • Next stop was Target. I even let Keaton pick out a suit so she ended up trying on 3 while Campbell tried on at least 20. Seriously. Thankfully, we brought them all to the dressing room at first. She needs a larger top than bottom so two piece suits don't really work. One piece suits aren't ideal since they make going to the bathroom a pain, but she found a really cute one and wanted it. It has a skirt and with the swim shirt we bought, it is actually the cutest thing ever. I was certainly lifting my hands and praising Jesus when we found her a bathing suit!
  • Now, my 3 boys were outside the dressing rooms on 3 stools while we were speed trying on clothes. We were going incredibly fast, but they acted like we had taken forever. It was almost comical how exhausted they seemed from sitting on the stools waiting on us.
  • Everyone was rewarded afterwards with Dairy Queen so that did make the waiting a bit better for the boys. Once we made it home, I unloaded the car. Then everyone read for a few minutes before working on their Jr. Ranger books.
  • Whitman asked me if I was going to take a nap. I asked him if he wanted to take a nap with me and even though I had no intentions of laying down, when he said yes, I jumped in my bed. Now, he never went to sleep and just watched his ipad. Campbell even joined us for a few minutes too. 
  • Eventually, Campbell and I got up. and she made jello and lemonade for tomorrow. Robby came home, and after writing out a grocery list, I loaded up with the girls and Whitman to go to the store for some after trip shopping. The boys went with Robby and Jason to see the new Star Wars movie. Anderson was ecstatic about getting to go. That boy loves him Star Wars.
  • After unloading the groceries, I read to my girls and Whitman, and they went to bed. The boys came home after their movie and went straight to bed.

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