June 29, 2018

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  • Robby and I went to bed last night not remembering if this morning was our breakfast morning or it tomorrow would be our breakfast day. I checked the email, and we were both relieved to see that it is tomorrow. That just means that we will have to wake up a bit earlier than usual tomorrow.
  • Les' breakfast will be hard to beat though-sausage, bacon, biscuits and eggs. Plus he had bought a package of assorted cinnamon rolls from Sams just like we had. Again, we have enough food to be snowed in up here.
  • It wasn't long after breakfast until we headed to the boat dock to catch our ride for the day. The boat that they rented had a slide and was able to pull a tube. 
  • I somehow ended up on the first go around on the boat. Les was the driver and drove us to a cove where the kids could slide and jump off the edge. The first time Keaton and Campbell went down the slide, they swam back to the boat as fast as they could. After a few slides they figured it all out though. 
  • Everyone that wanted to tube had a chance on the morning run on the boat. Reagan is a speed demon and loved going fast. The boys were just like her and enjoyed speeding around on the tube. 
  • We could never get Campbell on the tube. We encouraged, but she wouldn't do it. Even though we promised that they would go slow, she just was a bit too scared. I hate that because I sure don't want for the kids to miss out on something because they are scared. 
  • Now Keaton was timid too and even though she saw the boat circle around time after time to pick up whoever was in the water, when she fell off the tube she panicked. Robby was driving this time and said that he had to pass Reagan by in the water to get to Keaton faster. Even later in the day, Shelley tried to tube with her, but the boat was going so slow for them that they fell off. Shelley said that she stayed right with Keaton but she was still a bit upset. However, tonight when we were going around saying that our favorite part of the day was, Keaton told me that it was the tube. She told the group that it was the slide.
  • And that leaves Whitman, the child who should be scared of the water since he is just 5. Nope. He got on with Josh first. Because of the weight different, Josh flew off. We tried again with Josh on behind Whitman, and Whitman kept giving the thumbs up sign to go faster. Later in the day, Robby said that even Whitman was jumping off the top of the boat into the water.
  • We squatted at a nearby lake house and had lunch there. Robby, Dana and Grandpa didn't ride on the boat the first outing and brought lunch over. Everyone enjoyed the lunch spread but were soon ready to get back in the boat.
  • After lunch, Campbell stayed back for one boat trip along with Graham. They played in the water at the edge of the lake. Then the next time Keaton stayed back with us. I didn't go on the boat in the afternoon so I put away lunch and watched the kids playing in the water. 
  • Now, despite varying degrees of sunburn (Whitman the least, Graham or Anderson the most), the kids had a blast today. They loved tubing, jumping in the lake and the slide was a bit hit with the kids and adults. I do think that they especially enjoyed being with their cousins.
  • After taking the boat back, everyone came back to the house and started on showers. Robby ran to the store twice-he forgot toilet paper the first time! 
  • By the time he made it back, it was time for supper. Dana had taco salad for the crew. She had 9 pounds of meat just in case we were super hungry. We put a pretty dent in the meat. 
  • After super, we continued to graze all evening long. We played a few rounds of bingo (I won a toothbrush and toothpaste!), Josh played a few songs on his guitar, the kids had a water balloon fight and everyone enjoyed hearing stories of the Dennie family Aculpoco trip many, many years ago.
  • Soon it was bedtime for everyone. I guess hanging out on the lake and in the sun all day can make you a bit tired!

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