June 24, 2018

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  • Everyone, except for Whitman, was already awake this morning. Not only were they awake, but they were also dressed. As soon as I was dressed, I took Anderson upstairs to do some speed packing for the mission trip. 
  • Soon we were leaving for church. Whitman again sat with Grannymom this morning. Campbell's class is working on saying all of the books of the Bible. She easily said them all today and was pretty proud of herself.
  • We ate lunch at Grannymom's house. She had taco salad which is one of my favorites. The kids played for a bit and then we headed home. Not much happened at home this afternoon. Reagan did pack her bags. She was determined not to take a ton of stuff so she has shoved her air mattress in her bag and is taking a sheet and blanket instead of a sleeping bag. Now, Anderson doesn't have much to bring but when you have to bring your bedding stuff, it quickly adds up.
  • At 5, we loaded up, picked up the Heltz' girls, and headed to the pool. The kids all had fun at the pool and played the entire three house stopping only long enough to eat pizza for supper. 
  • While at the pool, Whitman did get some wet pine needles and painted with them on the concrete. He said, "I am painting the door with blood." I do believe that he has the Bible story of Passover down!
  • It was about to storm so the pool closed a few minutes early which was fine because we didn't want to get caught in the storm. At least where we were, there was not much to it. We dropped off the girls and then headed home. 
  • The kids all had showers, and then it was bedtime for the crew. Reagan and Anderson have to be at church at 7 in the morning!

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