June 22, 2018

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  • This morning Camryn and Reagan were in the kitchen pretty early making scones. I had made scones that last time that Camryn had spent the night so I guess that she liked them enough to request them again. Well, actually Reagan requested them last night. I told her where the recipe was, and then she asked me to ask Campbell if she wanted to make them. I was quite surprised to hear them working in the kitchen this morning.
  • I did jump up to explain one tricky step in the directions. Somehow, their dough was crazy moist where my dough was fairly dry and flaky. I was pretty worried about their end product, but it was delicious. I think that it was actually better than the ones that I have made. I guess that Reagan has herself a new job.
  • Other than making scones, there wasn't much that happened this morning. There were a few chores, and Whitman did some school work. I have to get that boy reading, riding his bike and swimming. Those are his summer goals, and we might just make 2 of the 3. Fingers crossed.
  • Right before noon, we loaded up to take Camryn to meet her mom. Then we ran two errands-Lowes and Walmart. Then it was on to the pool. There were pretty few folks there today. I did get in and worked on Whitman's swimming with him. 
  • Whitman loves the bottom of the pool. He would rather sit on the bottom than anything else. He can stay on the bottom for a long time because he can hold his breath for a very long time. He rarely comes up coughing or sputtering. Now, he did really well today sometimes. It was almost comical because he would almost really be swimming, and then the next time he tried it, he couldn't do it at all.
  • At the pool, we were reminiscing about the kids swim lessons. One day during their lessons, Anderson got upset and started crying. I asked him if he remembered that. Indeed he did. He also added that he cried "until his goggles filled with tears." Does that just break your heart? Now, I did just read that days blog from June of 2013. He did cry, he got over it and then swam across the pool. I don't think his goggles were actually "filled" with tears nor do I even think that he was wearing goggles!
  • After I got out of the pool, pretty much everyone else did too. I stayed until they blew the whistle the next time because Whitman and Campbell were still having a big time. When we left the pool, we did stop at Planet Smoothie for a free smoothie. My intent had been to stop at Dairy Queen but I didn't think that we needed two treats.
  • Back at home, the kids finished their chores and put on dry clothes. I went up to the treadmill, but I have a puzzle going on up there. Last night, the big girls were kind of fussing at the little girls. So instead of having to get on to them, I just went up there to work my puzzle. Of course, I could hear their conversations and everyone was much kinder while I was up there. I came down telling Robby that I was going to have to keep a puzzle up there so I could go "hang out" with the kids when they are teenagers. 
  • Though today, I didn't have anyone that I was listening to, I was just stalling while working the puzzle before getting on the treadmill. I am getting close, but lands sakes my last few pieces are tricky. 
  • We ate supper at the Wilsons. Shannon had most of the supper, and I brought the rest. We ate while we watched the Hogs play baseball. It was fairly loud when they did win the game. 
  • It was late so we skedaddled out of there. It took a bit to get these kiddos into bed, but when we finally did, I think that everyone just crashed!

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