June 21, 2018

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  • I am actually pretty sure that I do not remember this morning. There was laundry, dishes and working on Whitman's school work. I have a few Bible story books that I want to read to him this summer. So each day, I will give him the option of what to do first-reading book, papers, Bible story book, etc. Every day, he picks the Bible "because it is the most important." There is no arguing with that logic.
  • Everyone else has a bit less school work than him. They have to read each day for 20 minute and do 3 math problems. We also brought home a bundle of Jr. Ranger books from our trip, so they are working through those each day. 
  • Speaking of school, I have planned and gotten ready for the first week of "light school" for everyone but Whitman and Keaton. This thrills my soul. Now, once that is finished then my goal is to completely redo the school room. That will take some work! 
  • I spent some time cleaning this morning, and Campbell and Keaton helped me make baked beans. Gracious though, my beans just don't get thick like Nonna's beans. I am going to have to have another bean making lesson. 
  • This afternoon was spent cleaning the floors while the kids finished up their chores. It is fairly nice to have a clean house even if it is just for a little bit. The house did stay clean for a good while because soon the kids were outside with the neighbors. They stayed outside until the McGuires and Penningtons came over for supper.
  • We had BBQ along with some Oreo Delight. It was delicious, and we quickly went through one pan and started on the second pan. Not nearly as good as the oreo delight, but still pretty yummy was my corn on the cob. I cooked it with milk and a stick of butter. 
  • Reagan was to have a sleepover tonight, but it had to be cancelled so Camryn ended up spending the night over here. I think they thought that they were going to get to stay up late this evening like last time, but nope. We called lights around 11 even though Reagan was just texting me about breakfast.
  • The boys waited all day long for the Fed Ex truck to arrive. When it did, they didn't even notice. They had an XBOX in the mail and were beside themselves. It took almost all afternoon to set up and load everything that they needed. Robby hooked it all up in the living room so most of our evening was spent watching them play their games. They had a blast, and even at bedtime they were busy chatting away with excitement about playing more tomorrow.

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