June 16, 2018

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  • I just don't understand why my boys don't sleep in ever. It is just odd, and possibly they were switched at birth. Now, Whitman does sleep in so he is probably ours. Robby woke the girls up while I got myself ready.
  • Soon we were all out the door and went to pick up Keaton from her sleepover with Lily. Then we headed to play a round of putt putt at Gold World. It was their annual Father-Child Mini Golf Tournament. 
  • It was hot outside, but the drinks and doughnuts helped some. Before everyone played, we sat down to eat our doughnuts. Campbell, Graham and Whitman ended up on the morning show. Whitman did say that he was going to make pasta for Father's Day. I am certainly glad that we have some leftover spaghetti for him to "make" tomorrow.
  • The kids and Robby played while I juggled the camera and scorecards. Robby scored a 42 while the kids had varying scores. I was a bit surprised that the scores fell in perfect age order-Reagan did the best while Whitman had the highest score. 
  • While Reagan and I added up the scores, Robby played the other 18 holes with Keaton and Graham. When they finished that round, Whitman decided that he wanted to play the other side as well so Anderson and Robby went with him. Anderson did much better that round with a few holes in one. So he did another score card on his better game.
  • We waited around since they were passing out door prizes often. We were give 6 tickets and we did win 5 gift cards. Not too shabby. Then they did the awards. Anderson was 3rd place in his division. Campbell and Reagan were 3rd place in their divisions, and Keaton was 2nd in her division. This won Keaton a little trophy. They also won passes to come back to play putt putt again which we will have to do sooner.
  • We celebrated our big wins with lunch from ChickFilA since we have some free meals left. Then we finished the afternoon with our Dairy Queen Blizzards. It was a pretty free morning, but then we spent a good bit of time running errands and spending some money!
  • Our last stop was Grannymom's house. We stayed there long enough to convince them to go on our next trip. Then it was home for a lazy afternoon and evening. Robby and I both had naps, and we both did a bit of reading. But while he was napping, I was reading, and when he was reading, I was napping.
  • Graham made grilled cheese for supper which we ate before everyone started on showers. Most of us spent a long time watching youtube videos about the next trip. It was later than normal when the kids went to bed, but the boys don't seem to be tired at all tonight!

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