June 18, 2018

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  • I really feel like this morning was our first day of summer break around here. Though I guess I could say the same thing about last Friday. So maybe I should say that this was the second day of our summer vacation. We didn't have anything this morning so the kids slept in-Graham slept until 8:40. Graham slept that long, and he is the one who never sleeps past 7.
  • Everyone did have to read and do 3 math problems this morning before they were able to play their ipads. No one seemed to upset about that so that made the morning go smoothly.
  • I spent my time organizing a closet and organizing my tupperware cabinets. The tupperware was incredibly bad. It is in perfect shape now, but unfortunately, will probably only stay that way for a day or two.
  • I did work with Whitman on his reading book some, and did make everyone do their chores right before lunch. We ate our lunch and then headed to the pool. All of the buddies were there so the kids all had lots of fun. Keaton and Campbell enjoyed walking across the street to go to the park during some of our swim time.
  • Robby picked Reagan up to take her to her othodontist appointment this afternoon. We made it home just a bit after they did. Everyone helped me unload the car and all of our stuff. Then some had their showers while others just put on dry clothes. At one point in the afternoon, I went to the living room to make sure Whitman had on dry clothes since he had not had a shower. He did and told me that Reagan found him clothes to wear. She can irritate the fire out of him or she can be the sweetest big sister.
  • Robby fixed supper while I hurried to shower and leave. The homeschool moms had supper to celebrate Traci's upcoming baby. The kids stayed up the entire time that I was gone. When I came in, the house was super quiet. I guess everyone figured that if they were good, then they would get to stay up later...and it worked. 
  • Hopefully, after staying up so late tonight will cause them to sleep even later in the morning.

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