June 25, 2018

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  • It was 6:00 when I heard Reagan hop out of her bed. It wasn't too much longer until I heard her start her blender making her breakfast smoothie. She had asked last night if she could make a smoothie this morning, and I laughed at her saying that she could certainly do that if she woke up on time. Remember, she is my child that could sleep until noon.
  • It was seconds later that Anderson walked into my room asking if he needed to do anything. Clothes? Teeth? Breakfast? were my questions. He had done all of those so he headed to the xbox. 
  • Graham and then Keaton were next. They wanted to know if they could go with me to drop Reagan and Anderson off. I agreed that they could and before too long we were headed towards the church house. 
  • Reagan and Anderson loaded their luggage in the trailer and found their buddies. They group prayed, and then loaded up on the buses. I was happy to see who Anderson was sitting beside since I greatly worry about him following the crowd. 
  • When they drove off, Keaton, Graham and I headed home. Campbell was also awake when we left, but she didn't want to come. Robby did say that he couldn't figure out why Whitman was so content by himself. He later realized that Campbell was here "taking care" of him.
  • I was able to accomplish quite a bit this morning since my day started at the crack of dawn. I packed for this weekend, worked on a grocery list, did some laundry and even decided to take the girls and Whitman swimming.
  • We went to the pool around 11. At noon, my people ate a bite of lunch before swimming some more. Robby, Graham and Brett showed up soon after our lunch. As soon as they walked in, I walked out and headed to the store.
  • I did some speed grocery shopping. Once I put up my groceries, I did do some treadmill time. As soon as I had finished, Robby and the swimmers came home. They played on the xbox some and played outside for a good while. 
  • Around 5, everyone came inside. My crew showered and then settled in with supper to watch the Hogs play. The game was postponed due to rain so it was a fairly quiet night. Actually, it was so quiet that Graham fell asleep watching tv. Whitman looked exhausted as he watched his movies. Keaton fell asleep by me and when I got of the couch, Campbell laid down and went to sleep. This was all by 8! Needless to say, bedtime was before 9, and we didn't have any complaints!

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