June 15, 2018

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  • Since this was the first day of no VBS this week, you would have thought that the kids would have slept in. Nope, the house was hopping at 7 this morning and possibly even a little before that. 
  • Before 8, Whitman had already woken up Reagan and Camryn who would have probably slept in a bit later. That was fine though because soon our breakfast scones would be ready. Laynie, Campbell and Keaton helped me make them. I think everyone liked them. I really did, but I really like all scones.
  • The kids all played or watched tv this morning. I emptied the dishwasher, did some laundry, and did a good bit of refereeing. Whitman did some school work with me as well.
  • Around 11, I let the three little girls make cookies for us to eat. I had thought about letting them make them from scratch but when I saw the 2 bags of cookie mix in the pantry, I couldn't resist using that instead. They did care and had a blast making them and eating lots of dough.
  • I cleaned out the fridge for lunch. Unfortunately though, I don't think that I made much of a dent. After we ate, the kids put on their bathing suits, and we headed to the pool.
  • Today there were only 16 of their buddies at the pool to play with. We stayed for 3 hours, and I was even up for staying for a 4th, but everyone else left so we did too. On our way home, we stopped by Tropical Smoothie for a free smoothie since it was flip flop day. Whitman and Laynie didn't like their smoothies, but everyone else did.
  • Robby had spaghetti ready for us when we made it home. We gobbled it up, then we made everyone clean up the house some-yep, even the guests. Soon, it was time to head to Raymar for movie night.
  • I think that since everyone was just at Raymar last night for a family night, they were too tired to come to the movie tonight. Even though the crowd was low, it was still fun. The kids played before they started the movie. Once the movie started the kids settled in to lawn chairs, drinks and even popcorn. 
  • We watched toy story and Whitman was pretty much terrified the entire time. I am certainly glad that we had bug spray which helped some, but I was still bit some. Once home, I rushed everyone through the showers so they could get into bed!

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