June 14, 2018

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  • Last day VBS so I wasn't surprised when I had to go upstairs to wake the girls up, carry Whitman down to put him into my bed, holler again at the girls to get up and then even go upstairs one more time to wake Campbell up. Gracious they were tired!
  • Today was water day at VBS. The biggest surprise of the day was Anderson didn't get wet. Graham really didn't either even though he had some shaving cream on him. He did have to change his clothes. Reagan had to change her shirt because it looked pretty wet. Campbell, Whitman and Keaton were absolutely soaked and definitely had to change their clothes.
  • Reagan did get bit by fire ants. I didn't know about it until around 4 this afternoon. By then her leg was completely swollen up. By the end of the evening, it was really hurting her. It hurt her enough that she drank some benedryl without any complaints. Well, without too many complaints. 
  • I did get a picture yesterday of Reagan holding a live roach over her mouth at VBS. I am not sure what got into my child-the same child who can barely touch sunscreen or lotion. 
  • Somehow I ended up with 2 extra children at home this afternoon-Alyssa Kate and Kennedy. They were all fine, and I barely saw any of the girls. They spent a good deal of time playing an app on the ipads that would make them all scream and squeal. It was quite comical because it sounded like people upstairs were on a roller coaster ride. 
  • Even with a 15 minute nap this afternoon, I felt like it was the longest afternoon ever. I was able to accomplish quite a few things for school. My goal is to get school ready so I can relax a bit this summer. (Relax by organizing this place!)
  • I took Reagan and her friends to Academy to look for bathing suits this afternoon. We had no luck there so we walked to Kroger just to see since it was next door. Didn't find a bathing suit but did find a pair of jeans for Robby for 5 dollars. Then we ran across the interstate to Kohls and had no luck there. I think that bathing suit will have to come from the internet or possibly Target in the adult section. Reagan wants a swim shirt but we have seen a total of 3 and she didn't like any of those.
  • Robby met us at Raymar for the VBS family night. It was hot the first hour but then was quite pleasant outside. The kids loved playing and running outside. We even won a door prize-a gift card to altitude. It was a pretty fun evening (so fun we are headed back to Raymar tomorrow night for movie night.) 
  • We came home with two different girls-Camryn and Laynie. After everyone had their showers, Reagan and Camryn watched a movie, Laynie, Keaton and Campbell played their ipads in the tent before bedtime, Graham was exhausted and went on to bed and Anderson and Whitman finally went to bed after some ipad time.

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