June 27, 2018-Happy Half Birthday (Party) Campbell!

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  • This morning started off with someone saying something that I was going to put on the blog. I even picked up my phone to write it down so I would remember it, but I thought, "nah, I'll remember it." I didn't! I don't even remember who said it!
  • I do know this though, I am too tired to think straight. I have about 14 things half finished downstairs, but I am currently sitting in the bonus room. I came up here so I could shush the girls until they all went to sleep. I think that most of them are asleep now, but my leg just went to sleep so I would fell down the stairs if I tried to leave right now!
  • Everyone was up fairly early this morning. I have been a slacker and not made everyone read or do their math this week. I guess that is because Reagan and Anderson are away, and I feel like that just wouldn't be right to make the others do work. Of course, that is wrong, and I really should have made them work!
  • Everyone slept all night in their little tent. Surprisingly, they even slept a bit longer than usual. Whitman was the first one that we saw. He was checking to see if they could get their breakfast and eat it in the living room. During the school year, we all eat together so he is still not quite sure of the summer routine yet. 
  • When I made it to the living room, Whitman, Keaton and Campbell were playing with magnets, eating breakfast in the tent while Graham was playing the xbox. It didn't take too long for some of the kids to head outside to play with the neighbors. 
  • After reading with Whitman, it was soon time to call everyone in for some chores. Those I am still making them do even though the others are away. Campbell packed and everyone else emptied the trash and helped me pick up. 
  • Before too long it was time for them to head to their basketball camp. Let me just pause and tell about today's mission trippers. I don't really know much-I did see pictures of them in a church house, pictures of them getting a smoothie, a video of lots of people clapping on a table, and a video of them singing in front of the shower trailers. I am sure they have had a blast, and know that they will not be ready to come home. I also hope that they have worked hard this week!
  • Around 3, I started picking up birthday party guests-first Zoey from her house, then Abigail, Anna and Laynie from church. Finally, I picked up the half birthday girl, Campbell and Keaton from basketball practice. 
  • Afterwards, we went to Altitude. Those girls were tired within 10 minutes of jumping. I tried to hold off on passing out their snacks, but they acted like they hadn't eaten in weeks. They would have been able to jump for 2 hours but they made it over 90 minutes when they asked to go. 
  • That was fine with me because 90 minutes is a long time to just set. I had read, played on my phone, walked around and had finally planted myself in front of a tv to watch the start of the Hogs game when the girls decided to leave.
  • Robby already had the pizza when we made it home. They nibbled on  a few pieces of pizza (we had 3 leftover pizzas) but they gobbled down at least a pound of strawberries. By the I had finished picking up the kitchen, the grandparents and Jason arrived.
  • Campbell couldn't wait to open her presents-she received some art supplies, bath bombs, lip gloss, glitter pens, a little fitbit and a game. She was super excited about all of her gifts. Afterwards, we had cupcakes. Campbell and I had made them, and they were really great-possibly due to the super tall icing which was super sweet. 
  • Again I cleaned the kitchen and then it was time for bath bomb making. It was halfway a success and halfway a fail. I was still pretty pleased. The girls had fun making them so that is really all that matters. Whitman could not wait to take a bath to put his in the bathtub. 
  • They had a few minutes to play before starting the movie. I brought up snacks in the middle of the movie. At some point neat the end of the Hogs game, Shannon and Brett came by. They picked up Graham to come over and watch the end of the Hogs game and spend the night. He was happy to leave this girl filled house!
  • Whitman stayed up until after 10:30. I asked him if he wanted to sleep in his room or in ours. He said that he wanted to sleep in the floor of his room. That is where he is right now, but we doubt that will last. 
  • Once the movie was over, it took the girls a bit to calm down and go to sleep. They thought they heard something outside the window. I showed them that the their was nothing and that the window was locked. Eventually I could hear them whispering that it was probably a cat. I am sure that a cat jumped on the second floor window! 
  • They are all finally asleep, I hope at least. I am headed to bed pretty soon as well!

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