June 23, 2018

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  • Whitman was the first one in our room this morning. He wanted to watch our tv. Of course that was quickly denied. He left and a few minutes later, I could hear him calling me. He needed me to help him glue to roof on his cardboard house. I jumped on out of the bed so he wouldn't wake up the rest of the sleeping people.
  • Graham and Campbell were also up early, but we didn't hear much from them. Reagan was next to last to wake up, and Cash didn't wake up until much later. The kids had already been outside playing some when he finally did make it down.
  • Robby and Campbell had ran to pick up doughnuts for breakfast. Everyone ate a few before taking their many turns on the xbox. Quite a bit of the morning was spent outside playing with the neighbors.
  • Reagan and I ran a few errands. We had a return at Lowe's because my simple cabinet hinge replacement didn't turn out to be that simple at all. Then to Goodwill to see what we could see. Reagan did find a tshirt. The next stop was Target where we bought a bathing suit for Reagan. She still needs a swim shirt, but we are half way there at least. 
  • Next up was a run through Marshalls followed by some shopping at Kroger. We had tons of coupons and made out like bandits! Once at home, I unloaded the groceries while Robby was working on lunch for everyone. It was nearly 2:30 so everyone was pretty hungry.
  • After lunch, the kids played outside some-they had already picked up the house since there was a giant nerf gun war while we were gone. Soon, we were picking up again though and putting on swim suits for the pool. 
  • The pool wasn't too crowded, but the kids enjoyed playing with Cash. In the middle of our time there, Robby ran to Kroger to buy some more cereal but also to bring back popsicles for everyone. We stayed for 2 hours, and then headed home.
  • Everyone had showers while I worked on making some more English muffin pizzas. They were a hit the other day, so Robby bought some more English muffins. I would actually like to put an egg and sausage on one of those, but they are all gone now. 
  • We watched the baseball game as everyone ate. The kids all seemed pretty talkative tonight, and I was asked at least a zillion questions during the game. I don't know how you train people to just be quiet and not constantly talk. Maybe I should wear earphones like Reagan to drown out all of the noise. 
  • After watching most of the ballgame, it was finally bedtime for the crew. We will see how sleepy they are, because if they are awake they are about to hear me pull the leftover oreo delight out of the freezer.

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