June 13, 2018

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  • The girls and Whitman were just as I had left them last night-Whitman in bed with Keaton and Campbell laying beside the bed. I think that they could have slept at least an hour longer. Graham and Anderson had been up for at least an hour when I finally started stirring. 
  • Tomorrow is water day at VBS so that might surely help get people up and going a bit quicker. Now, we did have time to empty the trash cans this morning. I also squeezed in some laundry folding along with emptying the dishwasher. Laundry and dishes are about the only thing house wise that I have done this week, and the house is starting to show it.
  • On our way out of VBS today, we took a few things from my room home. The kids will never miss what we took home, but hopefully it will lighten our load tomorrow. We then headed to Nonna's house for lunch. She had grilled cheese and quesadillas for us. Everyone ate and ate before putting on their swimsuits. 
  • Then it was to the pool. As we were walking in the pool, it looked dark. The boys asked about the weather so I pulled up the radar. I guess I had the radar zoomed in too much because I didn't see anything on it. 
  • We sunscreened up, and about 20 minutes later, the bottom fell out. It had not thundered or lightened yet, but they did blow the whistle and make everyone get out of the pool because they couldn't see the bottom. The rain continued so the kids went to the tennis courts to play out there some. Candice watched the lightening on her phone and it continued to get closer so we finally called it and headed home. Heading to the pool is a lot of work so it is pretty disappointing when we have to leave early.
  • Back at home, everyone helped me empty the car and then we all settled in to read a little bit. It was a fairly short afternoon even though we did come home early. We did run to Taco Bell for supper since they were giving away a few taco today. 
  • Once home, everyone started on showers. Then Robby and I started going through our trip pictures. We narrowed it down to over 800 pictures. This took us 3 hours, but unfortunately we are going to have to narrow those pictures down again because that is a ton! 
  • We did all of this on the tv in the living room so the kids watched some; it was surprising how much they remembered about the names of places and the order of our activities. I think that they all love to travel as much as us! 
  • We had almost finished when we sent everyone to bed. They didn't complain, and it was pretty quiet upstairs tonight. Tomorrow is the last day of VBS, family night, and folks are spending the night over here. It will be a busy day for sure!

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