June 10, 2018

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  • All of my people were up pretty early this morning. When I made it into the living room, they were all gathered around the tv playing Cash's Playstation. I asked where Cash was, and he was still sleeping. I am not sure if he was just tired or if the boys had stayed up a bit later than I thought they did,
  • Everyone had what was left over of yesterday's dounuts. They also supplemented it with some cereal. Soon we were headed to church for the morning. We saw all of the grands and then found our spots. Keaton and Campbell sat in the back with Grannymom. Whitman was pretty mad at me that I wouldn't let him join them. I told him that he could by himself next week. Grannymom will be in a for a treat sitting by that wiggly worm!
  • After Sunday school, Robby helped me unload my VBS stuff. Then we picked up the kids and headed to Grannymom's for lunch. She had quiche which Anderson said was his favorite meal ever. She also had fruit but he didn't mention anything about the fruit since he doesn't eat any fruit.
  • The kids walked to Cash's house for a bit. Robby picked them up as I headed to church to do my VBS decorating. It just took us about 2 hours and our room is pretty cute. Afterwards, I came home. Everyone was just relaxing so I joined them. 
  • Around 6, we loaded up and headed to the pool for the evening. The kids were able to swim for about 2 hours which made everyone happy. Reagan gets tired of the pool pretty quickly. Tomorrow she will have some friends there when we go after VBS so hopefully she will enjoy it more. Everyone else seems to love it especially Campbell and Whitman.
  • When we came home, everyone helped with the dishes and laundry before and after their showers. Then we had a late sandwich supper before calling it a night. Graham and Whitman had gone upstairs before everyone else. Even though they went upstairs about 15 minutes before the others, they were both sound asleep in Graham's bed when we tucked everyone else in!

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