June 26, 2018

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  • We were up and ready to go early again this morning, though not as early. We might have been up earlier had we not had a guest in our bed last night. I don't remember Whitman climbing into bed with us, though Robby does and said that his heart was just pounding when he vaulted into our bed. I realized that he was in our bed when I felt something on top of me. I shoved it off, thinking that it was Robby, but then realized it was Whitman and pulled him back off of Robby.
  • Robby didn't last too long in the bed since Whitman was really tossing and turning. He ended up in Whitman's bed, which later Graham told me scared him. He said that he looked up and a big man was sleeping in Whitman's bed. It took him a bit to realize that it was his daddy.
  • Soon Robby took Campbell and Keaton to basketball camp. They were excited, but Keaton was a bit nervous. Soon Robby called telling me that they had moved the girls to the afternoon session. Now, this would have been good to know since the next three days were already planned out including Campbell's birthday party start time. 
  • By the time Robby and the girls made it home, I had rescheduled all of her birthday party friend pick ups. We had talked about swimming this afternoon while Graham was at camp, so Campbell asked to go this morning.
  • The neighbors were already out so as soon as Keaton and Campbell made it home, they headed outside with Graham. They all played outside for a good while. Then Campbell and Whitman headed to the pool for a little bit. They are my fish and love the water.
  • We picked Campbell up from the pool right before their basketball camp time. Keaton didn't have to be too nervous since Campbell is in her group. I made it home from the library about the time Robby and Whitman arrived back home as well. 
  • After reading to Whitman for a bit, it was soon time to turn around and pick up the basketball players. Once they were home, they all headed outside along with Whitman. Between the neighbors, their cousins and friends at one time there were 16 kiddos in the street.
  • Campbell and Keaton did come in for a little bit to ice her cupcakes. 
  • At supper, we made the girls come in since they were the only ones still out. Afterwards, they went out again with Whitman since they could see neighbors playing in the water. Whitman didn't last too long outside and soon was back in taking his second shower of the day.
  • From supper on, we spent our time watching the Hogs game. At some point, Graham gave up on the game and joined girls outside. They played outside until it was 9:30. When they walked in the door, I asked if they were coming in. Campbell was quick to tell me that I called them. I had not left the couch, but I guess it was time to come in. 
  • On the way down, Graham fell off of his bike and scratched himself up pretty good. He went in the shower so he could wash off his scratches. After doctoring them, he was fine especially since he was able to see the Hogs win. 
  • Then it was time for bed. I had told the kids that they could sleep in their fort tonight. So the girls and Whitman are in there and Graham is on the couch. Meanwhile, we are quietly eating cookie dough in our bed!

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