June 9, 2018

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  • We slept until 9 around here. Well, the grown ups slept until 9 but the kids were up fairly early. Robby had bought doughnuts yesterday so the boys and then the girls came in to ask us if they could eat some. Whitman came in with his plate fixed by his sisters just to double check that he was doing the right thing.
  • I had to scramble to get ready to take the kids to VBS down the road this morning. Reagan had spent the night at the neighbors (and is tonight as well), but everyone else went to VBS. 
  • After dropping them off, I went to three stores looking for Campbell a bathing suit. I finally found one at Target and was pleased with myself. I was pleased with myself until I picked Campbell up from VBS at 2 to change and head to a birthday party. The suit, though the size would normally be right, swallowed her. It was huge. It was so large that I probably could have worn the bottoms. Urgh! There are no bathing suits and now I don't really even know what size she would wear to order online. I will just have to order 2 and return one.
  • An hour later, I went back to the little church to pick up the other kids. Oh, Anderson had come home when I picked up Campbell. He said that he was bored though he looked like he was having fun. Graham sure didn't want to leave early though. They had lots of fun, made a cross craft, played water games and all of them loved the big water slide. Whitman was having a blast when I finally pulled him away.
  • At one point during the day, I did hear from the neighbors and Reagan was out shopping. I am sure that she is exhausted! Robby took everyone who was home to the pool for a bit. They had fun until someone pooped in the pool. It wasn't Whitman so we were still happy! 
  • They went to Dana's for a little bit afterwards. While they were gone, I went to pick up Campbell. She had been to 3rd Realm and spent some time swimming. Once she came home, she had her shower and put away her laundry.
  • Soon Robby, the boys, Keaton and Cash were all home. They played outside for a bit and then started on their showers and laundry. Cash plugged in his Play Station and they played Fortnight. 
  • We let everyone stay up until 10, and then we sent the crew to bed. Right now, they are being pretty quiet up there. Hopefully, that will last!

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