June 20, 2018

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  • There was no sleeping in this morning. By 9, we were on the road to the swimming pool. At 8:30, I made sure that everyone was awake (my sleepers were Keaton, Reagan and Whitman) and started hollering for people to put on their swimsuits, brush their teeth and make their lunches. It was a fairly smooth morning, and everyone was in a decent mood on the way to the pool. 
  • Our first stop this morning was at Hobby Lobby to buy a birthday present. The girls and I went in while the boys waited in the car. It didn't take us too long so we were soon at the pool.
  • It looked rainy all morning long, and a few times it even sprinkled. I moved the towels under the umbrella because I expected the rain to start pouring at any minute.
  • The kids had fun because all of the buddies were there. The pool was a bit emptier today probably because of the clouds. Now, also because of the clouds, it was too cool for me to swim so I enjoyed chatting with the other mommas.
  • We ate our lunch at noon, and then at one we loaded up and headed for some more errands. The girls need flip flops so we ran into Walmart quickly. Then it was on to Dairy Queen for our weekly Blizzard treats. The kids have gotten pretty good about eating them in the car since they don't like to sit around there. Now, Dairy Queen has also gotten pretty good about getting those Blizzards out before we even sit down.
  • We then headed home. Everyone put on their dry clothes and then started on their chores. The boys spent much of the afternoon watching the Hogs play and then baseball was on for pretty much the rest of the night. 
  • It took Robby a while to get home with wrecks scattered about. When he did make it, I was starving! We quickly made English muffin pizzas. They were pretty delish or maybe we were just starving.
  • Tonight we spent some time trying to figure out Campbell's half birthday party. There were showers and more baseball watching. There was even a bit of cooking-Keaton and Campbell helped Robby make oreo delight for tomorrow night.
  • Shannon and Brett came over for a bit. We watched one baseball team tie it up so then we let the kids stay up until the end of the game. I am not quite sure how I can eat my ice cream with everyone still awake!

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