June 30, 2018

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  • Everyone slept well until 5 this morning. That is when I woke up with Reagan by my bed telling me that Keaton threw up. I beelined upstairs to see Keaton sitting on the bed in a puddle with Lilly just getting out of the same bed. 
  • They said that when Lilly understood that Keaton had thrown up, her first words were, "what? on me?" I ushered Keaton to the bathroom and ripped the sheets off of the bed. Graham, my kind child, told Lilly that she could sleep in his bed, and he went to get bedding for himself from my room.
  • Robby helped Graham find a new spot while I helped Keaton shower. When she was in the shower, I shoved the comforter in the little washing machine. 
  • Now, Keaton wasn't too upset as she can often be after getting sick. She did say whine about taking a shower at 5 in the morning, and she was about to cry when she saw her dirty pajamas. She exclaimed that she didn't have anymore either. We put on comfy clothes after her shower that she could go back to sleep in, and I promised her that her pjs would be clean by tonight. 
  • After her shower, she laid down in our room and was soon asleep. Her tummy never bothered her again so hopefully it was just the lake water. 
  • It took Robby and I a bit longer to fall asleep but we were still awake around 7. We laid in bed for a long while since not too many folks were awake.
  • When we did wake up, we started on our breakfast duty. First, I did run to change the wash out from the comforter to the sheets and Keaton's pjs. By the time I made it to the kitchen, Robby had the sausage cooking. We put the cinnamon rolls in the oven and sliced the strawberries. Soon Robby was flipping chocolate chip pancakes. 
  • That was already quite a breakfast spread but when we pulled out Les' bacon and biscuits from yesterday, we had a feast. We ate, cleaned up the kitchen and then everyone put on their bathing suits.
  • There had been some discussion about where we were going to go today. Robby had made it clear to the kids that they would not be jumping off of the cliffs. However, once he saw everything and deemed it okay, they were indeed jumping off of the cliffs.
  • Thankfully, Dana had a life jacket so Keaton was able to jump. Whitman didn't have any fear. Now, Campbell, who wouldn't tube yesterday, worked up enough courage to jump from a pretty tall cliff. 
  • Robby did take my big 3 and the others to an even larger cliff that some of them did. Climbing back up was the hard part so that adventure didn't last too long.
  • We had to park a long ways away from the beach area so my wagon came in super handy. Once we were there, the cliffs were on one side and the beach was on the other. The kids enjoyed the beachy area and the water just as much. 
  • Since we drove about 30 minutes to get there, it was soon lunch time. We all ate, sunscreened up and went out again. We stayed until about 3:30 when we all made the treks back to our cars.
  • Back at the house, we all cycled through the showers-it takes a bit to get all 18 of us clean with just 3 showers, but thankfully the hot water works quite well. 
  • We then drove back to where we were today to eat at Mack's Fish House. We had to wait a few minutes, but were soon at a table. The food was really good, and the hush puppies just kept coming to the table. 
  • The drive back to the house was much quicker or so it seemed. The kids played in the garage so it was kind of quiet in the house. Around 10ish everyone started heading to bed. 
  • Graham opted to sleep in our room tonight since it was a bit warm upstairs. He is actually sleeping in our closet since it is a little tight in our room. We have bags and ice chests on all of the walls in our room. I figure that it was just easier to keep most of the kids' bags in our room rather than spread out around the house. 
  • It was pretty fun trip and the kids will have a ton of memories. I am pretty sure that they will be exhausted for a few days after we do get home tomorrow.

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