June 19, 2018

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  • Reagan slept until after 11 this morning. By the time that she did wake up, everyone else had finished their daily reading and 3 math problems. Whitman had done his school work with me. I had finished most of my chores, and everyone was going about their day. Maybe because she had missed most of the morning, but Reagan was a tad bit grumpy this morning. 
  • Before too long, it was lunch time. I read while everyone ate their lunches. I think that they practically inhaled their sandwiches because a game of Spoons was next on the agenda. 
  • The game started off well with everyone being a good sport. Whitman even played and of course he was out on the very first round. The next game didn't go over so well. I helped Whitman play this round. I did his cards, and his job was to grab the spoon. He won round after round. Each time he knocked someone out, they would be a pretty sore loser. Graham and Reagan were the most upset about Whitman beating them. I guess I should play more games with this folks so we can work on the proper attitude to have during a game.
  • Now, Anderson and Whitman were in the finals. Whitman did legitimately win, and Anderson even gave up the Dennie Family Trophy to Whitman. I told him that he didn't have to since we hadn't said that this was a trophy game before playing. He didn't care though and gave it to his brother. 
  • This afternoon the neighbors came out so everyone was outside for the majority of the afternoon and all of the evening. The library was having a kid cooking class at 4, and my plan had been to go with whoever wanted to go. Of course with the neighbors out, no one wanted to go. So Whitman and I just loaded up and went to the grocery store instead.
  • The child talked and talked to me at the store. He definitely used up all of his words while we were at the store and in the car. I came home just wanting some peace and quiet. I guess I did get some for a few minutes since everyone was still outside. I did work on getting Anderson and Graham's school stuff ready for next school year, which is quickly approaching.
  • When the kids did come in, we all ate supper. After supper, Robby and I went to work. We have been battling ants in the kitchen so tonight, we took everything out of all of the cabinets. Cleaned the cabinets and sprayed them down. Fun times. This took until 10 so the kids stayed up a bit later again tonight. Tomorrow will be an earlier day since we are heading to the pool at 10.

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