June 28, 2018

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  • Campbell and all of her birthday party guests were up early this morning. Robby was already starting on breakfast when I rolled out of bed. Soon we had breakfast on the table for all of the girls.
  • The girls played outside some and were all of the house most of the morning. I was a bit scattered as I tried to clean and pack with all of the girls running around. 
  • At 10, we loaded up to take all of the guests back home. Two little girls were excited about riding in the big van and were hoping that they were going to be the last ones dropped off so they could stay in the van longer. 
  • My rounds took me an hour and when we came home, there was just about 30 minutes until it was time for Campbell and Keaton to grab themselves some lunch. 
  • We again loaded up and headed to the other side of town. Before we got very far, I picked up Graham, who had spent the night at Brett's house. Then I had to run back home to pick up my phone and Graham's shoes. Next up was picking up a little girl to ride with us. Then finally we made it to the other side of town. 
  • I dropped off the basketball folks and then dropped off Whitman at Grannymom's house so he could ride with them to the lake. Back at home, Robby and I packed up all of our stuff. 
  • It didn't seem like much longer until it was time to pick up Reagan and Anderson from church. Now, Anderson was happy to see me and even gave me a hug when he saw me. They helped unload, and then we headed home.
  • Anderson talked the entire way home. He told me all about it while Reagan used very few words. She must have been tired because she slept in the car some on the way to the lake. Late tonight though Reagan did start opening up and talking about the trip.
  • Soon the basketball players were home, and we loaded up in the car. We headed to meet the rest of the Dennie crew at Heber Springs. We stopped for super at Taco Bell. It was the same spot that Robby had thrown his keys in the trash can many years before. I watched him carefully to make sure that he held on to his keys this time.
  • We found the house easily and soon unloaded our supplies. We brought enough food for at least 2 weeks so the back of the van was stuffed full of stuff. I guess it isn't a party without plenty of food. 
  • We listened to the end of the Hogs game, and then we consoled ourselves with ice cream sundaes. The kids played games and a massive game of hide and seek as we waited on the Mississippi Dennies to arrive.

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