Florida Gators and Caribbean Cruise: Day 12 November 18, 2018

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I guess after being around all of the older folks on this cruise, I have started to take on a few of their characteristics=-namely waking up early. I first woke up at 5:45 but was thankfully able to go back to sleep for a little bit. However, I was wide awake when Campbell’s room service came a bit before 7:20.  

All of my girls were awake and moving pretty early this morning. Reagan is usually my slowest in the mornings, but she didn’t want to miss the last buffet. I think that you could certainly get used to buffet breakfasts with choices galore.

After our breakfast, we headed back to our room. Robby had taken a few things and put in their bags and left a few things for our bags. We zipped everything up, did a double look to make sure we had everything and before too long they were calling our color.

The lines were not long to get off of the boat, and we found our luggage quickly. The only difficult part was waiting on the shuttle bus. After one or two went by filled to the brim, we crowded on the next one. When I say “crowded” I really mean crowded!

The drive to the car was short, and the car started easily-that is always a relief. Once in the car, we drove for a bit. We stopped for gas, and then Robby and I ran into a grocoery store. We picked up lunch stuff for today and for the rest of the trip. Robby also splurged and bought stuff to make rice krispy treats for the ride home.

Back in the car, we only had to ride for about an hour until we made it back to Big Cypress National Preserve. We were a bit determined to see some more alligators, and this time we did. Below the boardwalk were tons of alligators. They weren’t moving too much, but they were indeed there. Whitman thought that they were just rocks even when he saw them slowly move.

We ate our picnic lunch at a picnic table. It was warm out but while we were eating a cloud covered the sun, and it was perfectly pleasant. The boys played football and as we sat out there, we went through a whole container of cookies.

Then it was back on the road for a few more miles of driving. Actually, for about 3 more hours of driving. I was sitting in the way back with Campbell and Keaton so I just snoozed a way for some of it. We did stop at 7-eleven for gas and snacks. My kids were enamored with the huge Snicker bag gifts that they had in the gas station. I do think I could have probably accomplished all of my Christmas shopping in that little store.

The drive wasn’t really bad at all. My boys knew that we were headed towards Legoland which made them happy. Campbell and Keaton were happy because I was back with them with my computer and phone. Reagan was in the front which delighted her. Whitman was just content as usual.

Once we made it to the hotel, everything came in the hotel. That took two whole carts and lots of hands. After unloading and sorting, Robby went to do a load-or 6 of laundry. This hotel has free laundry and obviously it was picked for that purpose.

While I repacked some things and Robby kept the laundry moving, Grannymom watched Campbell, Keaton and Whitman swim. They had a blast despite the coolish temps outside. By supper time, most of the laundry was drying, everyone had showered and we ate Papa Johns pizza that Robby had picked up.

Whitman’s eyes were really bothering him again tonight. Tonight he was upset about them-they must have really hurt him. We tried drops, we tried another shower but it just took a while for him to calm down and forget that they were bothering him so.

It was nearly 8 when the last load of laundry was dry. I put everything away and then we worked on making rice krispy treats. Since there wasn’t a large enough pan, we used a pizza box lined with syran wrap (that we had to buy) smeared with butter (also bought). It was quite the adventure-this is now the second time during all of our travels that we have made rice krispy treats in a hotel.

Once the treats were ready to be wrapped up, we bedded down in this hotel room. It was just 10, but I think that my crew was all pretty exhausted. I am a bit disappointed that we don’t have a cooking show to watch tonight, but maybe when we get home.

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