Florida Gators and Caribbean Cruise: Day 11 November 17, 2018

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Time changed last night so I woke up right at 6:30, thinking that I was already late. Instead I was awake an hour early. I spent that hour planning out how we would go about packing up to get off of this boat. I may have done a bit of solitaire playing as well.

Soon it was time to get up and start getting ready for the day. It was fairly easy because we all threw on our bathing suits. The girls and I went to the buffet to eat our breakfasts. I still can’t find any eggs benedict, but have given up on that and moved on to yogurt and granola each morning. I think I would be one happy gal if I could have yogurt and granola every morning at home for breakfast. I didn’t even get around to having a blueberry bagel with strawberry cream cheese on it. I guess there is still tomorrow morning.

Around 9, we boarded a tender to go to Half Moon Cay which is Holland America’s private island. There was another Holland boat there today so the island was not quite that private, but it was still beautiful.

The tender was packed with at least 150 of our closest friends. The ride was short even though it was a bit hot. Thankfully, that was actually the warmest that we were all day long. We soon found a spot on the beach, but moved further away from the tenders and closer to the lunch spot.

The kids could not wait to get in. We probably should have made them wait a bit longer and double and triple checked all sunscreen. I have a few folks that are a bit red places. The top of my back was adequately sprayed, however the bottom of my back is pretty pink.

The water was the most beautiful, clear blue that I had ever seen. The kids were surprised when I told them that I had never swam in water the gorgeous before. The water was shallow so we could go way out. The kids had so much fun playing in the water.

Whitman could have worked on his sand castle for hours. Everyone was content-pretty nice. Now, at 11ish we headed to the eating area to get in line for lunch. The line wasn’t too long, and it was easy for us to find a spot to eat.

There were a few choices, but the hot dogs and hamburgers were already topped with sauce and tomatoes so my kiddos weren’t too crazy about them. Most folks had chicken breasts along with some fruit.

After lunch, Whitman and I headed to the splash pad. He fell once, and after he did, he was finished playing there and wanted to go back to everyone else. As we were walking to them, we met them walking to us. Robby was going to let them rent a toy for a tiny little bit.

They went up to the window and came back with a snorkel and floating mat. I was pretty surprised to see two things...until Robby told me that the guy just let them take them since he wasn’t the normal guy. That was great news for my kids.

They then played the next hour with the snorkel and floating mat. We had to be back on the boat by 2, so a bit before that we headed back to the tender. We tried to beat the crowds, but were just in the middle of them.

Back on the boat, we dumped our towels and went upstairs to the pool the swim a bit more. Reagan and Keaton did stay in the room to take showers. There was another scoop of ice cream or two and another few games of ping pong.

Then Robby and I headed back to the room to work on packing. We packed and packed until it was almost supper time. This was our last supper night and golly, if Keaton didn’t give the friendly little wine steward a hug when we left. Those people were just so nice-I even urged Robby to tip them, but he was quick to say that we tip plenty plus he didn’t have his wallet.

Campbell and Whitman went to kids’ club while the rest of us headed to the show. The boys left after the comedian, and Keaton and Reagan left after a song or two of the band. After the show, I had just sat down to work on the blog when Robby called.

The kids’ club folks had called asking us to come and pick up Whitman. I hurried up there, hurried so fast that I got myself lost! Ha! When I walked in the door, Whitman was just sitting there staring at a movie with his eyes watering. He was fine and had been fine, but his eyes were watery from all of the sand and salt today.

Campbell wasn’t ready to go, of course, but I took them both for one last scoop of ice cream. Then it was back to the cabin for one last cruise night-Reagan has on a movie so we will watch a bit of that and then a cooking show before bed!

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