November 4, 2018

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  • Even though we had an extra hour of sleep this morning, Robby and I were the ones scrambling around to get ourselves ready. The kids were mostly dressed and ready by the time we started our showers. 
  • Anderson, Robby and Graham all had to wear their t-shirts from the preteen retreat so that did make getting dressed a bit easier for all of them. The girls had already picked out their clothes last night and had laid them beside their beds. Whitman didn't have a tshirt like the other boys, but he didn't mind about that at all. What he didn't like was having to wear a pair of blue jeans!
  • On our way to church, we dropped off Robby's car at Nonna's house and then headed on to church. Whitman was a bit squirmy during church, but when I held him I told him that he had to sing. And for the sweetest few minutes, maybe just seconds, that boy did sing his little heart out.
  • After church, we had lunch at Nonna and Pops' house. Then the others left, and Keaton and I headed to Des Arc with Nonna and Pops. There was a huge Christmas decor and home goods sale there, and we went!
  • The line to get in was about 150 long. So we jumped in the line near the food tent and watched the excitement. People were coming out carrying huge bags; they were passing out water; and one lady even got her car stuck in the mud. Plenty to look at, but they were also passing out free stuff to the people in line-Christmas napkins, little girl sleep shirts, little girl pillowcases. This made it lots of fun for Keaton. 
  • Keaton was actually a bit bummed when we made it to the front of the line because that would mean that we would miss the free stuff outside and had to go in a shop. We did a bit of shopping-I bought a blanket ladder, a plate stand, a sparkly pumpkin and a Noel sign. Nonna and Pops bought an ornament and a coffee mug tree. 
  • Back at home, the kids helped with the laundry and all of the boys received their summer cruise hair cuts. They had a pretty relaxed afternoon, until Robby had to take Reagan to her life group. 
  • I came home while they were gone. I then finished up packing the kids, and then we all found some type of supper in the fridge. 
  • Once Robby and Reagan made it home, Robby did all of his packing and now I am just left with packing my stuff and a 3 page packing list of other stuff. I am no longer in panic mode! Tomorrow actually starts "cleaning mode" so we will see how all of that happens with school and an orthodontist appointment.

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