November 24, 2018

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  • Whitman was again the first one in our room this morning. He wanted to make sure that he could eat "by himself" and wanted me to pour him some milk. After I had him settled, I ran back to the bed for a few more minutes.
  • Soon I was folding laundry and emptying the dishwasher. Robby and I took a few last Christmas boxes back up to the attic. Then it was time to fold some more laundry.
  • The kids pretty much did nothing all day long. Campbell and Keaton spent a few hours with Robby running some errands. 
  • When they returned, I headed out to the library with Whitman. He would have preferred to stay at home close to his ipad, but I didn't get him a choice. 
  • This afternoon, Robby and I went outside to work on the Christmas lights. When we did, everyone else came outside-they played basketball, rode bikes, made a leaf trail, rode scooters and even played on the swings some. I guess they just needed us to come outside.
  • We picked up the Wilsons tonight and we all went to ChickFilA for supper. Then we all walked through Hobby Lobby It was quite a sight all of us wondering around. The girls found a few things that they want for Christmas which made the trip worth it. 
  • We then went back to the Wilson's house for some cookies. The kids were in the middle of a movie when we left, so they weren't too happy with us. It was however time for showers and bed.
  • If you are keeping track, I do know that this is the second day lately that I have not gotten Reagan's picture. Tonight she offered to take pictures of everyone and didn't get her own picture nor did she get Campbell's. I promise I will do better tomorrow.

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