Florida Gators and Caribbean Cruise: Day 2, November 8, 2018

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Last night as we were going to bed, Robby asked me at least twice if I had any alarms set on my phone. I laughed and reminded him about the last trip when it was an un-asked for wake up call waking us up in the middle of the night each night.
It wasn’t my alarm last night, and it wasn’t a wake up call. At 6:30, Graham woke us up saying, “Dad, Dad, there is someone knocking at the door.” We listened and heard nothing. Robby went to the door and looked out the peephole and saw nothing. He told Graham that it was probably a shower knocking somewhere or the refrigerator. Graham was pretty sure it was knocking.

Robby told Graham that he did the right thing by not opening the door, but also said that he would continue to listen. Seconds later, the phone rang. Robby was knocking things over on his side of the room trying to answer the phone, and I was knocking things over on my side also trying to answer the phone.

They were looking for Eddie because it was time to leave. Eddie was not in our room, and unfortunately, most everyone in our room was now awake. It probably didn’t help that I found all of this extremely funny and giggled for the next few minutes. Thankfully, Robby and I were the only ones who didn’t go back to sleep and everyone else snoozed for a little bit longer,

Reagan stirred the slowest today, but we were all able to load up the cart and head to breakfast. We did pack the car before eating our breakfasts. It was kind of a light breakfast-no bagels for me. There was meat so Robby was pleased though.

As I was leaving breakfast, I found another toothbrush bristle in my mouth. Last night, as Robby and I were brushing we both not only spit out toothpaste but lots of bristles from our new toothbrushes. They are just our travel brushes from the Dollar Store. We have bought toothbrushes from the Dollar Store before and not had any problems.

I had hoped that my second brushing this morning would be better, but I did find one more. Robby even asked for a toothbrush from the front desk. He compared it to a plastic spoon, but also finished brushing with shiny teeth and bristles in his mouth!

We will definitely figure all of this out before we step foot on that boat. We certainly don’t want to buy 8 toothbrushes as we did last cruise. That is not the exact way you want to spend 100 bucks!

Robby had a work phone call this morning,. So he dropped us off at Walmart. Reagan said that we looked like we were on a field trip to Walmart. It probably really did look like we were on a field trip since we wandered and wandered around the store. First we had to find buns that we forget to buy for our BBQ that we were going to eat last night. (We had chicken tortillas instead.)

After we found the buns, I went ahead and bought some more toothbrushes. Yes, I hated to do this, especially since Robby brought home about 8 yesterday from work, but it must be done since I don’t want anyone gagging on toothbrush bristles during the week.

I drove for a little bit this morning and then Robby drove us to our stop. We did stop at a rest stop for a potty break. Afterwards, I sat in the back and made everyone’s lunches. It was 2 when we ate, so we were ready to go when we arrived at De Soto National Monument about an hour later.

We had already completed all but one page of the Jr. Ranger book. The only page remaining was a trail walk beside Tampa Bay. It was neat seeing the different plants. We all noticed the temperature difference-cold yesterday and sweaty hot today.

They did have a re-created Indian hut. Whitman was quick to point out that it looked like it was from the Three Little Pigs. Indeed it did. Whitman was on his A game because in the visitor’s center, the worker told us his name was Chuck. A few minutes later, he went on to tell us his whole name (that somehow went along with his story that he was telling us.) He said his name was Charles Patrick Andrew O’Leary (or some other good Irish name like that.) Whitman’s hand shot up, and he proclaimed, “I thought you said your name was Chuck.”

After leaving the De Soto place...and by the way, did you know that De Soto and his men trekked all around Arkansas. I am talking they were everywhere multiple times in Arkansas. After leaving the De Soto place, we stopped at 7-11 for icees. This of course was a super treat for everyone. They even found a 7-11 ornament, that they tried to get my to buy. I would have if it hadn’t have been 10 dollars. Though I am now having seconds thoughts on passing that ornament by. I even tried to find one online but couldn’t anywhere.

From there, we only had 2 more hours to get to tonight’s hotel. Now, after drinking icees, we did have to make a stop before we made it. From that stop, it was just a tiny haul to our hotel. Robby took a few kids into the room to start on their showers while the rest of us unloaded the car. On our way up the elevator, Graham sneezed rather loudly. Whitman looked up at him, patted Graham’s chest and said, “Grahammer, you are a big sneezer.”

The kids were mostly through with their showers by the time that Robby and I had the bbq and mashed potatoes heated for supper. We all ate while I load of laundry was washing. After supper, we finished showers while the kids played on their ipads as the laundry was supposed to be drying.

Unfortunately, the dryers were full so Robby loaded our laundry and headed to a local laundromat. He left his wallet in the room but had plenty of quarters. The place required you to use bills so that didn’t work out. However, when he returned back to the hotel, the dry was empty. That was good except when he had to start it a second time for everything to dry. Laundry can be so difficult sometimes, but I guess it is better than us walking around without undies. (Yes, we packed plenty of undies so that probably wouldn’t really be an issue, but you do get my point!)

After we folded the finally dry laundry, the kids went on to bed. There is nothing better than having all of tomorrow’s clothes laid out on the cabinet along with bags packed with all clean clothes and the laundry bag empty. Well, our laundry bag is not exactly empty-someone forget and left their socks on tonight! Urgh, again, we have plenty of socks so it will be fine.

At bedtime, we told Graham that if anyone was knocking tonight to go ahead and wake us up. Hopefully, we can sleep all night in this hotel room. I am not so sure that Keaton and Reagan will sleep well. They are on a super tiny sleeper sofa so it will all depend on how much they cuddle! Currently, it looks very doubtful at all that they will do well tonight.

Now, Anderson has chosen a sleeping bag and the floor the past two nights because aiming to get the first pick of his cruise ship bed. Since I will be rooming with the girls, I wonder if I should head to the floor tomorrow night so I will get first pick in our room. I certainly don’t want to be on the bunk bed thing. I am sure though that will be a pretty hot ticket so do I want to sleep on the pull out trundle bed or share a bed with a tossing and turning girl. Hmm, having my own bed, even if it is on the floor sounds very appealing. So many decisions to make!

Also we used our new toothbrushes tonight. They are aso cheap, but no one choked on any stray bristles. If Robby were to addsup today’s toothbrush total along with the last cruises’ toothbrush total cost. Then if he counted how many toothbrushes I have at home along with the amount that I have given a way and sent with the kids to church this year-well, if he did all of that, he would choke!

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