November 25, 2018

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  • This was the first Sunday at home in a while. Graham remembered the drill and was waking through our room early looking for his clothes, which were in the floor of my closet. Yes, I am still doing a bit of cruise unpacking.
  • Soon everyone was dressed-Keaton and Campbell had carefully laid out their clothes the night before. Not surprisingly though, they had both changed what they were going to wear this morning. It was fine since they were still ready in plenty of time.
  • Church and then we headed to Grannymom's house for lunch. After the kids ate, they all headed outside to play. They were all outside for the rest of the afternoon playing a game of kickball and football. Campbell said that there were a few squabbles but everyone stayed outside so it was a win.
  • When we left Grannymom's, we ran to Sams for a few minutes. The boys didn't want to go in, but I sure enjoyed every bit of our shopping. We did buy supper there so it was certainly another win for us all.
  • Since we made it home much later than usual, there wasn't too much time for our traditional Sunday afternoon nap. Robby and I did snooze for a little bit, and then he got up to work on supper. 
  • We all ate our supper, and then Robby and I sat down to watch a Hallmark movie....or two. The kids kept interrupting our movie since they were asking for the cookies that we had just baked. We waited until the cookies were very cool-well, we actually waited until the first movie was over.
  • The kids stayed up until the middle of our second movie, and then it was bedtime for all. The kids weren't too pleased about going to bed, but tomorrow is back to a normal routine!

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