Florida Gators and Caribbean Cruise: Day 14 November 20, 2018

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Robby left the room around 5:10 this morning to take Grannymom and Grandpa to the airport. I had already dreamed that he was flying out but came back because a man at the airport asked him for too many forms of identification so Robby just said that he would drive. I also dreamed that I pulled Keaton’s loose tooth.

That dream was fairly accurate except I had nothing to do with her wiggly tooth coming out about 30 minutes after we sat down in the car.She was pretty pleased with herself, and if I do say so, she looks pretty adorable missing that front tooth.

We were all at breakfast when they opened at 6. It was quite a chore waking everyone up. Though Whitman has been in a pretty funny mood so he woke up easily. Last night he crawled in our bed and then asked, “what are you two doing up here?” We had just turned off the lights and were both on our phones. I guess he thought that if he had to put his device up, then so should we. This morning as he was putting on his clothes, he asked, “so where is our first stop?”
Unfortunately, we didn’t have many or any stops scheduled for the day. The only plan was to drive as far as we could. We were well on the way by 7 headed North towards home. We had a quite first hour with a little bit of rain slowing us down occasionally.

Then the kids worked on some of their school work before we passed out ipads. I tell you, passing out ipads is just wonderful. The car can be pretty noisy but once those ipads are passed back and we turn on wifi, then the car is happy and peaceful once again.

We drove for a while before stopping for a bathroom/gas stop. I drove us into Georgia and to a Redbox where we picked up some movies. Soon the movie was playing and we were near where the storms came through on our way down to Florida. There were tons of signs knocked down all near the interstate. We are not sure if they were from that day or not, but gracious they have had some storms through her at some point.

There was a rest stop that was calling Reagan’s name so we ran in there for a minute. I needed to go too, but wasn’t going to say anything until someone else did! After that potty stop, there was evntually lunch.

We pulled into Arby’s to get some roast beef sandwiches for the road. Whitman was not pleased about the idea of curly fries so I just made him a peanut butter tortilla. That made him so happy that I made him two. I figured if ihe was busy eating then he would be quieter longer.

I drove for a little bit and at one point everyone was asking for a snack. I saw the clock and thought that we were going to have to have at least 2 more snacks before supper even. Finally, Robby told me that he had already set the clocks back to Little Rock time.

The kids were rather quiet through Alabama and Mississippi since they had their ipads. I had a podcast to listen to which I really wanted to enjoy. There is one more about “celery” so I will try that one too before I make my final judgement, but the topic of celery for 30 minutes doesn’t sound too wonderful.

After my podcast, the kids watched another movie while we drove to Tupelo. In Tupelo, we had planned on driving right to the store Five Below and let the kids each pick a gift to reward them for a long car day. It wasn’t that easy….we drove to Tupelo, but couldn’t find the store. We hunted for about 30 minutes, and Robby even had to call the store twice.

When we finally made it to Five Below, the kids were beyond excited. Don’t be surprised, but Reagan, Anderson and Graham all picked candy. Now Whitman picked not just one foam sword but two. Keaton chose a diffuser to have on her shelf in her room.

Once we were back in the car, we made sandwiches for our supper. Then I passed out the ipads and candy. Robby turned on one of his podcasts which was better than mine...and I have to say that since it was a preacher man.

We listened to sermon after sermon for the rest of the way home. It certainly passed the time. I also did a bit of research about cruises since it is never too early to start planning the next trip or the next 5 or 6 trips.

We made it home around 10:30. You will never believe it, but we just pulled out what we needed from the car, came in and all went to bed. Sixteen hours in the car can make you a bit tired!

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