November 29, 2018

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  • Well, now my body is officially off of Eastern time. I am now sleeping as long as everyone else in this house. That is fine with me, but when it is time for me to finally wake up, it is really time to get up and get started with the day.
  • This morning, it took about 15 minutes from me waking up to getting the kids in my room with their breakfast to start on our morning reading. Not too shabby. This was the last scheduled day of school this week so the kids had a full day's work. Tomorrow we were planning on being in Branson, but the weather messed us up, so their school work tomorrow will be lighter. 
  • I don't think that today should have been any lighter but for some reason people were starting to finish before 10. Reagan was first and Graham was not too far behind her. Whitman, who would probably have to be on ADD meds if he was in real school, was almost last. Gracious me, some days that boy can wear me out.
  • Even though I was finished with working with the kids a bit earlier than usual, I was still pretty distracted and didn't call people to lunch until well after 12:30. Possibly I am the one who needs the ADD meds.
  • We did some reading at lunch, but skipped our afternoon reading. Scandalous, I know! Actually, the boys were called outside to haul some leaves. I did wait inside for a good while before showing up to help. By the time I made it there, they were pretty much finished with their job. 
  • I was able to help Anderson finish one of his tiny Lego projects. The tiny legos aren't really legos so they are nothing like building with legos. He had a plane from our last trip and had never worked it. Today we finally finished it. I don't know who was more excited about finishing.
  • Anderson and Graham had basketball practice this evening so Keaton and I took them. After dropping them off, Keaton and I did some speed shopping-Academy, Sams, Pennys, and Walmart. I was super pleased with everything we accomplished. Though I did forget my ice chest and probably could have gotten home with some ice cream for tonight if I had that ice chest.
  • Once we made it home, Robby had supper ready for us. The others had already eaten. Then it was shower time for my basketball players. We had told the kids that we would have ice cream sandwiches after supper. As I called them, I realized that we only had 5 ice cream sandwiches. Thankfully, I had a tiny bit of ice cream left over so we survived the near catastrophe.
  • Soon the kids headed to bed, and we watched one more Hallmark movie before we grabbed us a bite to eat...not ice cream and not an ice cream sandwich!

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