November 27, 2018

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  • This Tuesday went a bit less smoothly than Monday. I hope that rest of the week doesn't continue to plummet! Nah, it wasn't that bad, but gracious me some days are just some days!
  • Campbell was the first one awake this morning. She even saw me turning on the oven and asked if she could help make our muffins for breakfast. I certainly agreed and let her bake away. That worked out well for me because I got myself ready while she started our muffins.
  • It took a bit of time to wake everyone up and get them down the stairs despite the warm muffins. We ate in my room as I read to every one. We are now a 4 muffin package family. The kids ate all but one of the muffins. The last was Whitman's muffin, but he didn't like the chocolate one. I happily at it up though.
  • School went fairly well today. Anderson was pretty behind during most of the day. Plus the three bigs are working on their semester presentations for their library class. This presentation has been quite a bit of work for them, and there have been lots of questions that I can not answer which has been a bit overwhelming for me.
  • We had our lunch while I did a bit of reading. Then there were chores-lots of chores. I think that since the tree is up along with all of our other Christmas decorations, I feel that the house is super cluttered. But on the other hand, I do love all of the decorations.
  • The afternoon was fairly busy-we did some more reading and then Campbell and Graham worked in the kitchen some. They both have snack tomorrow for Bible study, so they worked together to make chocolate chip cookies. Graham just made cookies while Campbell made a cookie cake which we decorated with lots of icing tonight.
  • Before too long, Campbell and Keaton rode to basketball with Candice. Reagan, Whitman and I drove to pick up Kennedy. She is spending the night tonight. When we made it home, Anderson had finished his EAST work while Graham had straightened the house for me. And yes, they were told to do this!
  • Robby had supper ready as well when we came home. We ate our spaghetti and then when we were finished, Campbell and Keaton arrived home and ate. Everyone then had showers and then hung out until bedtime. And by hung out, I mean the boys played xbox, Whitman watched his ipad, Reagan and Kennedy did whatever teenager girls do, Campbell and Keaton tried their best to annoy them and Robby and I watched a Hallmark movie or two.

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