Florida Gators and Caribbean Cruise: Day 13 November 19, 2018

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Again, I woke up 15 minutes before my alarm went off. That was fine though because I had plenty of time to reconnect with technology some more. Robby had internet on the boat, but I would only have it for a few minutes and it often didn’t work. I was able to catch up quite a bit last night but do feel all caught up this morning.

Campbell and Keaton went to breakfast with Grannymom and Grandpa this morning. They were excited about the coke machine down stairs. Soon we were all eating our breakfasts and drinking some coke. That is another thing that we have been without on the cruise-cokes. Robby did buy everyone a few times while we were off the boat.

We had about 30 minutes to drive this morning before we arrived at Legoland. This was Anderson’s day that he had been waiting for, and I think that it met all of his expectations. We were near the front of the line to enter the park.

Once the gates opened, we headed to The Dragon roller coaster. Reagan had to say that she was 14 so Keaton could ride with her. We had told the lady that Reagan was 13, but she said, “if you tell me she is 14 then they can ride together.” So we did! And for the rest of the day, Reagan had to say that she was 14 since I was already being the adult rider beside Whitman.

The next thing was a jousting ride. I remember the kids riding this ride when we were at Legoland California. They are getting a bit big for this park, I guess. We knew that going in, but we also knew that Anderson needed one more visit.

The weather was pretty perfect today. It was warm in the sun but pleasant in the shade. Often the sky was even cloudy, but I am pretty sure that we probably still have a few pink noses. Keaton’s face is crazy dry this morning probably from all of the sun that she got on our beach day. Or maybe because she can’t keep her hands off of her face since she is working hard at pulling one of her top teeth.

Next there was a Egyptian themed shooting ride that we all rode on. I did pretty good on that one, There was also Ninjago ride that was comparable to Toy Story at Disney. Except you used your hands to shoot. By the end of the ride, I could barely lift my arms. Maybe I need to hit the gym when we get home-maybe after Thanksgiving, or maybe after my Christmas shopping is done, or maybe after the first of the year.

I don’t even remember this ride, but Graham tells me that it was wooden, fast and rocky. It was called Coastersausus and was dinosaur themed. I am having to use the map to determine where exactly that we went today.

The big 5 went to Driving School. This is also another ride I remember us doing in Legoland California. I think that Reagan was the only one who could go to the big kid driving school. Now, I have 5 kids old enough to go and one will be driving in 2 years.  Eek! It is just slow go carts that the kids drive around a mini town.

They had little kid Driving School that Whitman could go to, but he opted to do a firetruck ride. We had so much fun on it that we made everyone else come with us when they finished their ride. The firetruck ride required you to pump your firetruck to the end of the road, jump out and pump water to put out a fire and then pump the truck back to the starting line. The boys beat the girls, but we all had fun.

Flying School was the next roller coaster. We even rode it twice. It was one that you hang from the top so your legs just dangle. When it was over, we had walked to the end of the park and were at the entrance to the water park which is closed.

Before I knew what was happening, the kids and I jumped in the Lego Race line which was fairly lng-about an hour. It was the longest line that we waited in the whole day. They have all kinds of lego things to do while you wait so the time did pass fairly quickly. It was a virtual reality ride, but Whitman and Keaton weren’t tall enough to wear the headsets so they couldn’t wear them. That also meant that I couldn’t wear one since I had to watch them.

Reagan was in our car and seemed to enjoy her virtual reality headset. I on the other hand probably needed a headset because I could see what was happening and screamed my heart out on the big drop. The picture shows me smiling like a something that smiles really bit, Whitman is beside me grinning and Keaton looks fairly worried. You couldn’t see Reagan’s face because she had on the big headset covering her eyes and most of her face.

When we climbed off of this ride, Robby had bought a cup which we continually refilled all throughout the day. I tell you, we got our money’s worth out of that cup. We stopped and had a little snack from my bag. Then walked down to the area that is full of all of the cities that are built with legos. It is pretty memorable. Whitman loved pushing the buttons that made things move or especially pushing the buttons that made things squirt water out at him.

There was a Star Wars section but we made Anderson wait until a bit later in the day before going back to see that. After walking around there, we headed to the pirate show. It took place on the lake and had skiers doing tricks as they fought off the pirates.

The show was neat-Campbell, Graham, Whitman and Keaton sat down low so maybe they would get wet. They all got a little sprinkled. A pirate did come up to Whitman and “argh” at him. This scared him and he jumped at least 10 feet in the air. It was quite entertaining to all of us!

After the show, we headed back down the hill towards the park exit. But first, we did walk through the Star Wars legoland. Then the kids rode the carousel and the boys did a little shopping. You could also trade minifigures so everyone did that once.

We also walked through the girl legoland area. They only had one ride, but it was closed. So then a few ran to do the first roller coaster again while I took Whitman to a play place that he had seen. We then met back up and headed out of the park. I did get myself a Christmas ornament making this the 5th ornament that I have bought on this trip...and that means that I have bought well over 25 ornaments this year! Eeek! I need not just a bigger Christmas tree but more Christmas trees.

On our way out of the park, Graham, Anderson, Campbell and I walked through the Legoland Hotel. Wow! We wanted to stay there. I took a few pictures, and I think that Anderson may want to own that hotel now! It was pretty awesome on the inside. I am not sure what the rooms looked like, but the lobby was really awesome.

When we made it back to the car, we drove just a few miles to Five Guys and ate a quick bite of supper. I think that everyone was hungry since we had missed lunch. The burgers were good and hit the spot.

Then it was just about an hour before we arrived at the hotel. We did pass Disney World on our way there which made us all a bit sad...but we will return next year. Once we made it to the hotel, Graham and Anderson bunked with Grannymom and Grandpa who will leave for the airport very early in the morning.

Robby will drive them and then come back to collect us. We have a long ways to go tomorrow!

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