Florida Gators and Caribbean Cruise: Day 9 November 15, 2018

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Everyone in my room slept wonderfully well. I did jump up at 7 because our room service was supposed to arrive between 7 and 7:30. I tried my best to stay awake until they knocked on the door with our 2 omelets, 2 continental breakfasts, 3 boxes of cereal, 3 cups of juice along with the included milks, toast, and croissants (just remember Keaton wasn’t even with us since she was at Grannymom’s room plus I only ordered one box of cereal and a glass of orange juice for me.)

At 7:30, I was awake enough to tell Campbell who was tossing and turning since the boat had just loudly docked to stay awake until room service came. Seconds later they phoned saying they would be a bit late with our room service I headed to the shower. By the time, I gathered my things they were knocking on the door.

Room service is incredibly nice. Maybe we should start having it at our house. Though I think I would be the one delivering the room service so maybe that isn’t such a good idea.

At 8:45, we met up with everyone else to head out to explore the Virgin Islands. We docked at St. Thomas and the goal would have been to make it to St. John to see the U.S. Virgin Islands National Park. However, the ferry from our area of the island was not that often and the ferry from the other area of the island would require a taxi ride there and then another back to the boat. The taxi ride back to the boat was the questionable part since we would be at their mercy and willing to pay anything to get back to the boat.

So Robby had almost given up the idea of the National Park today. He did try to find out if it was possible. Again this island is beautiful but the amount of people hollering at you for a taxi can be a bit unnerving. A taxi man did approach Robby and offered him the 25 dollar island tour for 15 bucks. We agreed and followed him to a back alley to climb aboard the taxi.

As we were about to get on, the taxi boss man came over and started fussing at the driver. I guess that he solicited us improperly so the taxi boss man wouldn’t get his fair cut of the deal. I just about thought that Robby would turn around and walk off, but we ended up getting in the van.

Hmm, I am not crazy about getting in cars with strangers-ever. Even though this taxi driver was a real taxi driver in a real marked taxi, we were still in a real foreign country (I know that the Virgin Islands are an American territory, but yep, I called it a foreign country. Sure does feel like it.)

The drive around the island ended up being quite pleasant. Though Campbell did grab my knee a few times as we zoomed, and I mean zoomed, up to the tallest point on St. Thomas. We took pictures up there and even bought a few shirts for the girls and Whitman. Somehow Robby also bought Whitman a bright orange hat. I think maybe Robby’s sea sickness patch has gotten to him, I never recall us buying something so frivolous.

After the highest point, we coasted down the side of the mountain to another viewpoint. Before too long, we were almost back to the boat. It was a nice ride around the island. Afterwards, we walked around some of the shops. It does seem that all of these cruise ports have the same shops. I mean really, how many diamonds can these cruise people buy?

Once we had walked around a few shops, Grannymom, Grandpa and all of the kids except for Reagan decided to go back to the boat. Reagan walked with us a bit longer. We ended up at a supermarket to buy cokes for the kids. Now, I left feeling pretty sad for these regular folks that were in the market-6 dollars for milk, over a dollar for a can of veggies, 4 dollars for a box of pasta-gracious me. Maybe we should have tipped our taxi man a bit more.

Back on the boat, we had a bit of downtime. I finished my book that I had started last night. Then, most everyone and I went down to trivia. We only answered 6 of 15 correctly, but we sure did have a good time. At one point, I told the kids that I would take them to the casino if we answered the next question correctly. Don’t be surprised, but we didn’t end up at the casino.

Afterwards, we watched as we sailed away from the beautiful island. Then it was time to dress for dinner. Whitman was just about asleep by the end of dinner. Dinner is always long, but I do enjoy it. I think that kids kind of do as well or at least dinner is long enough that they will have memories of it.

After dinner, Campbell and Whitman went to kids’ club while everyone else went with us to the show. The show was decent, but Keaton was the only one who stayed the entire time. The others all snuck out and probably ended up getting some ice cream to eat.

Once the show was over, we picked up the kids’ club folks and all headed to the rooms. Campbell went to Grannymom’s room to spend the night and I do believe that Whitman is going to spend the night in our room because their bunk bed wasn’t made tonight.

Tonight Whitman with the help of Reagan made his list about the trip:
  1. T.V.
  2. I got bananas.
  3. There was ice cream on the cruise.
  4. Playing ping pong.
  5. I enjoyed swimming.
  6. I got an orange hat.
  7. I got chocolate.
  8. I get to spend the night at Grannymom’s room.
  9. There was good food.
  10. I love the ice cream.

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