November 21, 2018

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  • The first thing that I remember this morning was Whitman coming in to our room. He wanted to know if he could eat breakfast, if he could eat breakfast in the living room. if I could pour him some milk, if I could open his poptart and if the dishwasher was clean. There always seem to be so many questions in the mornings.
  • Soon though I was jumping out of bed again when I heard Anderson in the kitchen. To me it sounded like he was pouring himself a bit old glass of milk. I wanted to stop him before there was a disaster with the now expired milk. Thankfully, he wasn't yet getting the milk.
  • I probably should have just poured the milk out then because later in the day, Whitman tried to convince Robby to pour him a glass a milk. Then there were more questions about the milk, why it was bad and when we were getting more.
  • Most of this morning was spent unloading the car. The kids helped off and on some, but mostly Robby and I did it. He would get things in and cleaned the car while I put things up inside. It took a while, but things were soon straight and put away.
  • After working for a while, I felt like I needed a nap. I think that I have gotten used to not doing anything all day-just walking up to the lido deck and eating at the buffet and then coming back to the room to take a nap-so today when it was back to real working, then my body was not adequately prepared.
  • Around noon, we loaded up to head to Candice's house. The kids were a bit excited to tell all about their trip. We ate our lunches, and then the kids played outside while Candice and I did some chatting.
  • As we were loading up for Candice's, Keaton and Campbell came downstairs with their winter coats on. I guess the weather here seems a lot colder than the weather in the sun shiny Bahamas. They didn't wear their big coats very long and were soon out playing in the sun.
  • Around 2, we headed to pick up Robby and then went to the Wilson's house. Layne had run by Sonic and had drinks for everyone. The kids pretty much guzzled their drinks like they had not had a Sonic drink before. Eventually the kids played outside while the grown ups talked.
  • We stayed for a while and then came home to do some straightening around this house. Then Tony and Shannon dropped Brett off over here while the grown ups went out to eat. We had Mexican which was pretty good.
  • Afterwards, we ran by Hobby Lobby and I bought some pillows for my couch (I still want a few more) and something for my tree. Then we grabbed pizza for the kids to eat back and home. We also picked up some ice cream for dessert. I do believe that the kids enjoyed the ice cream better than the pizza-my kids are most certainly in ice cream withdraw.
  • Once the Wilson family left, we all started working on the house. It wasn't too bad and soon the kids had their showers and everyone was in their beds...even Robby and I. 

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