Florida Gators and Caribbean Cruise: Day 5 November 11, 2018

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Whitman crawled in our bed early this morning. He is pretty snuggly in the mornings so I didn’t really mind too much. Robby and I heard the early morning risers coming back from their breakfasts.

We begin getting ourselves ready and then went down ourselves. We didn’t make as big of a mess as the others did when they were there. Keaton had somehow gotten chocolate all over her pink shirt this morning. Grannymom had worked on her shirt some and then I did a bit more. It think that we were able to get the chocolate mostly out since she has to wear that shirt 2 more days before I can do laundry. Isn’t that horrible-been on this boat for less than 12 hours, and I’m already stressing about laundry.

As we were driving around the famous street in Ft. Lauderdale, which is Las Olas. We came upon a street fair or show of some kind. I looked at the sign and quickly thought that it wasn’t for us-the sign read Exoctica. That doesn’t sound too child friendly. However, upon closer inspection the Exoctica was a car show of some type.

The boys were in heaven looking at all of the cars. They had my phone and took around 50 pictures. Then when they were done taking pictures, they sent them all to their ipads. We looked around at all of the fancy, super fast cars.

Robby dropped me off at one 7-eleven so I could look for my ornament, but nope it wasn’t there. Then a bit later, we went to another one to buy drinks for everyone. Robby wanted them to have one last taste of coke since they wouldn’t be getting any for the next few days on the boat. I had almost given up finding my Slurpee ornament when Graham stood right next to it. Yippee. I now have one more ornament for the tree….not that my trees need anything else hanging off of them. I really probably need a few more trees so I can hang up all of my travel ornaments.

Soon, Robby was dropping us off at the boat terminal. We grabbed our bags-8 bags/backpacks, 3 suitcases, 1 duffle bag and 1 cord box. It didn’t take Robby long at all to drop off the car and then return on the shuttle. By the time that he returned, we had all pottied and had a piece of candy.

Of course there were a few lines for us to wait in before we boarded the boat-document check line, security line and then check in line. Whitman was so excited during all of this that he could hardly stand still.

Once we made it onto the boat, we headed to our rooms. We are in two balcony rooms which are right next to each other. There are two twin beds, a bed that comes from the ceiling and a couch that makes into a bed. The room is bigger but when you add all of our stuff, it becomes pretty crowded quickly.

Not only is having a balcony room completely new to us, sailing on Holland America is too. Everything is just a little bit different-the carpet is different, the dining room is different. It will take us about 7 days to figure it all out.

We did go down to the kids club to check it out. It opens tomorrow-Whitman can’t wait. Reagan did look at the teen room, and the lady told her that there were only 8 teens on the boat! Ha! She probably won’t venture don’t there at all. Hopefully, they will have some programming so Whitman will be happy.

We went to lunch in the buffet area. I couldn’t find jello for Whitman, but my picks were great. Salsa and guacamole were delicious along with a BLT. I think that everyone was very pleased with the quality of the food….and the plentifulness of the ice cream.

So after we ate lunch, we went back to the room to work on unpacking some more. I unpacked us and unpacked some in Robby’s room. I think that we are settled, but I am not sure if I put everything where it should go. Time will tell, I guess.

Before too long, we had our life boat drill. Nothing like being herded around the ship with 2000 of your closest friends. It really wasn’t too bad at all. Before too long, we were back in our rooms getting ready for dinner.

This was the first night on a cruise that Whitman hasn’t fallen asleep during our first dining room meal. The last two cruises, on the very first night he has fallen asleep with his head on the table. Again, the food seems to be really nice. The kids meal food was simple food but really good quality. I enjoyed my picks-creme brulee, pasta and baked potato soup.

Dining room meals just last a long time-2 hours. Afterwards, the kids all went swimming. It was pleasant outside and we stayed for a good while. Of course most everyone needed a snack before we headed back to our rooms.

My girls had showers and so did the boys. Then I sat in the boys room for a bit working on the blog while my girls watched a bit of a Harry Potter movie, planned the day tomorrow and picked out their breakfast room service menu.

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