November 26, 2018

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  • This Monday after the break went much better than expected. Of course my expectations were very, very low! I was the first one awake this morning and I don't think anyone would have woken up for at least another hour if I had not gone up to start waking them up.
  • The boys wake up a bit quicker than the girls. The girls are pretty moany and whiney in the mornings. Reagan was the first one of the girls to walk down the stairs, and actually she was the least moany and whiney.
  • Everyone ate in my bedroom while I did our morning reading. Then we started on our school work. Things did go fairly well this morning. Everyone was finished before lunch time which made things a bit easier for me!
  • Campbell did go to eat lunch with Robby so they were gone a little bit. Once they were back home, I did some more reading, and then I jumped in the car.
  • I headed to Nonna and Pops' house to help them do some Christmas shopping. I was able to buy a few little things and after Robby has placed all of my orders tonight, then I will be well on my way as far as shopping is concerned
  • The kids played a little bit outside this afternoon. I think Campbell and Keaton were having quite a bit of fun and were not ready to come home. However, Graham came in because he was cold!  I don't blame him at all because it was cold out there today!
  • I made it home a bit after 5 and soon had supper in the oven. Don't be that impressed, it was just a frozen meal from Sams. I did decide tonight that maybe I should cook supper for us and somebody else one night a week and then go to someone else's house the next night. Do I have any takers?
  • Once supper was over, we all settled in to watch a Bates movie and then started a Hallmark movie. I am getting pretty addicted to these silly movies! And I love it.

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