Florida Gators and Caribbean Cruise: Day 6 November 12, 2018

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We had selected room service this morning because we thought we might sleep in a bit. My alarm was set for 8:30, but my crew was wide awake at 7. Reagan said it last night and I certainly agree, that having a balcony may not be all that it is cracked up to be.

Now, it does give you a bit more living space when people are sitting outside instead of the room. It is also beautiful to look out over the rail and see the beautiful ocean. However, last night it was like we were riding on the side of an 18-wheeler. I guess the boat was going so fast that everything was rattling making an incredible noise. Then this morning, as we were docking everything started rattling and shaking again.

That is probably the reason that there was no sleeping in this morning from my cabin. I do think that Robby’s cabin slept longer than ours Actually, I know they did because I was already dressed and sitting outside waiting on our room service when the girls got their first sighting of Whitman.

Nassau, Bahamas was our port of call this morning. I was pretty excited because this is a new country for all of us. Our other stops are all U.S. Territories so they won’t count on our country totals.

While we were getting ready, Reagan, who has a bit of a cold, laid in bed watching a Harry Potter movie. Our breakfast eventually came. It was quite fun getting room service-I especially enjoyed the box of granola that I had selected. Most everyone had gotten omelettes which are not my favorite so I just munched on everyone’s else's plates while eating my yogurt and granola.

Soon after we had finished our breakfasts, we walked to Grannymom and Grandpa’s room. It didn’t take us too long to walk off the boat into the streets of Nassau. Now, it was an eye opening event for the kids. There were indeed lots of people asking about hair braiding and taxis.

As we stopped to get a map, I saw Whitman walking away following a man with a red shirt. He was only steps from me. I called his name, and he turned around and ran back. He told me that he thought it was Daddy and from his height lots of rear ends probably do look the same.

This kind of un-nerved him so he held tightly to my hand. The cars, horns and people calling at us also bothered Keaton, so she was holding tightly to my other hand. We walked straight towards the Queen’s Staircase. It was a decent little walk with very few decent sidewalks.

The Queen’s Staircase was built to commemorate the endings of slavery. It was oddly built by slaves and is also a shortcut to Fort Fincastle. Right before the staircase, it was a breezy walkway cut out of limestone. We climbed the staircase and ended up at the top of Fort Fincastle.

We walked around the Fort where we could see the entire city. It was a beautiful view with Atlantis resort in the background. From there, we walked back down the hill back towards the boat. The walk back was a much prettier one, but we were still hot by the time that we made it back to the boat.

Robby, Whitman and Anderson then stayed in the room while the rest of us went exploring the boat. We started at the bottom of the ship on floor 1 and walked through almost every public area up until floor 12. Now, at one point Reagan left to head back to the room. Campbell and Keaton also went back downstairs so by the time we made it to the top, it was just Graham and me.

After we finished exploring the ship, we played a few rounds of ping pong and then ordered his pizza before meeting everyone else for lunch. Most folks today had pizza or hamburgers. I stuck with the buffet again eating fried rice and lo mein noodles.

After we ate, we did the next logical thing-a nap! Now, I do believe that Campbell, Robby and I are the only ones who went to sleep. Graham might have for a few seconds. Reagan watched a movie and entertained Whitman in my room and everyone else vegged out on their ipads.

I woke up right before it was time to go to trivia. All the kids except for Whitman went to trivia with me. We did not too bad-6 out of 15 questions. I was pretty pleased with that. Afterwards, we found Grannymom and Grandpa upstairs. We, of course, were there to get ourselves some ice cream.

Keaton, Campbell, Grannymom and I then went to see the wildlife man talk and look for animals on the side of the boat. He has a fancier name than wildlife man, but I’m not sure what t is. We didn’t see any animals, so we headed off to do some more exploring.

There wasn’t too much time until it was time to get dressed for supper. Lots of hair stuff was happening in my room. Campbell borrowed my sweater last night and wore Keaton’s scarf tonight. She likes dressing up!

Supper was good again tonight. We did receive a few nice compliments on the kids behavior. Now, at one point a server was talking to Whitman. She asked what his name was, and he told her his full name-first, middle and last. Then she said, “what do you want for me to call you?” I assumed that his answer would be “Whitman.” Of course, I was wrong and his answer was “Speedy Pickles.”

After dinner, the girls changed clothes and Whitman, Keaton and Campbell headed off to kids’ club while the rest of us went to the comedian. The comedian was semi child appropriate. I had to explain a few jokes to Graham though I did not explain to him what viagara was.

When the comedian was finished, the boys headed back to the room to watch a movie. They have all of these movies on the tv, and all of the kids are getting their movie fill in since they can watch a little bit each time they are in the room.

Robby and I went to pick up the kids’ club crew. Keaton and Campbell didn’t want to leave yet, so we let them stay a bit longer. The worker did say that Whitman was having a bit of a hard time listening so we snatched that boy up and brought him back to the room with us. Bless, Whitman. He just marches to a different drummer. We did tell him that he could have one more chance tomorrow so hopefully he will do better. (If I were a betting woman, I would say that the odds are not in his favor.)

The sea is a bit rocky tonight-not too bad. Robby took off his seasickness patch the other day. We are not sure what happened on Sunday but his eyes were super dialated. It could be a patch side effect or he may have touched his eyes after touching the patch. They are improving but he wasn’t too thrilled about his eyes getting messed up again. Hopefully, without a seasickness patch, he will do fine on this rocky boat.

I plan to get the girls in about 25 minutes. I am sure that they will not be ready to leave, but by 10, it is bedtime. Tomorrow is sea day so the only real plans are a few activities that we have circled from our daily agenda.

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