November 22, 2018-Happy Thanksgiving!

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  • I am not sure which kiddo came in our room first this morning, but everyone was awake and moving early because there was quite a bit of excitement about today. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and I think that it is rubbing off on some of my people.
  • Even though we didn't really have much to do this morning, we still stayed busy the entire morning. Robby helped me make rice krispy treats in the shape of a pumpkin pie. It was no pinterest fail, but it wasn't exactly like the picture. They were still delicious, and there was only one left the last time I was in the kitchen.
  • Robby then went outside to blow some leaves, and I put Keaton and Campbell to work slicing fruit. Soon it was time to make our annual fruit turkeys. The boys and the girls each do one. As Whitman was working, I asked him if this was more fun than watching his ipad, and he quickly said "yes." However, he soon followed it with a "but...." This was the first year that Reagan was a bit more relaxed on the turkey and let her sisters do a bit more work on the turkey.
  • Soon, the potatoes were in the oven, the fruit turkeys were done, the dips were on the counter, the apple crisp was baked and the rolls were next in line for the oven. Everyone started arriving around 11ish. 
  • My kids could hardly wait to see all of their cousins. I think hanging out with their cousins for the entire day is what makes my kids love Thanksgiving so much. It was before noon when we said the prayer and dug in to all of our food. There was so much food! A ridiculous amount of food, but by the time we had snacked all day and had supper tonight, there was not as much left as I had guessed their would be.
  • The neighbors came out so the kids played with them from the early afternoon until about 8 tonight. By the time that they came in, they were freezing cold. I probably should have plugged up a heater in the garage for the kids, but they didn't really care. 
  • Campbell worked really hard to on popping our pumpkin with rubber bands. I helped her some and by the end of the day, they had used all of the new package of rubber bands. Unfortunately, the pumpkin that she tried it on was pretty short and squatty so it never popped.
  • Everyone stayed over here until after supper. Once the fam all left, Robby and I cleaned up and then sat down until the kids came in. When they came in, the cycled through the showers. 
  • Keaton was so excited about drawing names for the kid gifts tonight. Seconds after they drew names, people were looking on computers and ipads for gifts for their people. 

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