November 3, 2018

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  • I woke up this morning and messed around in the house until Whitman burst into my room about an hour later. He was anxious to know if it was a school day or not. I did tell him that it was not but that he had to work with me first. 
  • I read him two books, and then he finished the last part of the last story on the last page of his reading book. That silly book takes almost a year to go through so you could say that I have been working on that book for almost 6 years now. And I am done! I was actually more excited about him finishing the book than he was. It is a bit torturous, but it works and for that it is worth it. Whitman still has quite a bit of reading work to do, but he is definitely off to a good start.
  • Soon Campbell was in my room too. She was quick to ask if we could start on her morning project-a grandma gift for Christmas. Even though in my head, I often think that things will be easy, I am often wrong. Our little project took about an hour.
  • Once that was finished, I worked on my laundry (never ending) and unloading the dishes (also never ending). At some point in the early morning, Robby text and told me that he had been to breakfast, gone to worship, small group, Bible study and that it was already break time. They were certainly busy all morning long.
  • Campbell and I then started on Thanksgiving dish number 2. Whitman and Reagan did show up long enough to help for a bit and then walk away with an apple to munch on. Once we were done with that project; we slowed down for a bit.
  • Campbell was busy looking for things to do and suggested carving her pumpkin. Since I didn't have anything to do (or maybe I should say, that I wanted to do), I let her. I helped her with the top and helped her get started and that girl did the rest all by her self. She did a great job and was pretty pleased.
  • Soon afterwards, it was time to go and pick up Keaton from Nonna and Pops' house. They had gone to Target last night and spent one of Keaton's gift cards. This morning she had helped them pick out some appliances so her trip to their house was pretty busy. 
  • Once we made it home, I worked on finding some garage sale stuff. The girls and Whitman went outside briefly, and soon Robby, Anderson and Graham were home from their retreat. 
  • Robby did say that it was the perfect length-just 24 hours. They all had fun. Once they came in, they unloaded and soon the boys headed back to their usual spots-in front of their devices. 
  • For supper, Robby, the girls and I went out to eat. We ate at MacAlisters since today is National Sandwich Day. On the way home, we did stop to get some supper for the boys too. Once back at home, everyone started cycling through the showers. 
  • After showers, Keaton helped me pack her clothes. I am just down to packing Anderson and Graham's clothes. Of course, Robby and I just pack the day before as we throw things in a bucket and call it good. By the time I get around to packing for me, I am tired of thinking and just wing it! Makes things more exciting when I pull something out of my suitcase. They know that it is time change night, but we still went to bed at the regular time-people are tired! I'm tired! 

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